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Synonyms for dilettante

Synonyms for dilettante

one lacking professional skill and ease in a particular pursuit

lacking the required professional skill

Synonyms for dilettante

an amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge

Related Words

showing frivolous or superficial interest

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Though one desperately sought to traverse the Steiner space as quickly as possible to avoid eye contact with the massive accumulations of philosophical and artistic dilettantism, the unexpected presence of two or three people variously sitting, kneeling, or lying on the floor (performing Tino Sehgal's untitled and undocumented work), humming, singing, scatting, and beat-boxing, abruptly arrested one's movement--and attention.
Henceforward Taylor's career amounted pretty much to "scribble, scribble, scribble," with no let-up till the early 1980s and with no suggestion of dilettantism in either his Manchester University lectureship (1930-1938) or his subsequent fellowship (1938-1976) at Oxford's Magdalen College.
Nowhere near the cavalier finesse of a Great Houdini, his comportment is quite comprehensively naturalized in the dismissible demotic terms of the stereotypical negative male ethos: self-absorption, pretense, dilettantism, vanity, vagueness, idle curiosity, reticence, forgetfulness, indolence, carelessness, lack of imagination, and general ineffectuality.
Critics of the New Left's political incapacity have sometimes presented this as intellectual dilettantism, or a refusal to put principle to the test of reality, but it is more accurately grasped as a genuine and deep ambivalence.
As to the danger of dilettantism amid the push toward greater and greater specialization, yes, there is an embarrassment of being "generalists in the world of sub-specialists," as Joe Hough once put it.
In liturgical circles, rather as in grade school, the word "creativity" is not an incitement to artistic concentration but a code for dilettantism, a messy, happy splashing in raw materials with no sense of the long term.
They praised musical simplicity and self-made dilettantism as the new authenticity, as a new mode of artificial expression, clearly demarcating their style from other kinds of popular music.
Generating intellectual excitement in the early years through interdisciplinary courses compensates for their potential dilettantism.
Teaching as well as scholarship in the field of intermediality therefore run the risk of dilettantism wherever one transgresses the boundaries of one's own field of expertise.
Clearly, all this dilettantism led to suspicion in the public mind.
When however the truth is faced that the high degree of physical defectiveness shown by this investigation is the result primarily of adverse socio- economic conditions it seems like futile dilettantism to treat any other phase of the problem before striking at the root.
This "danger" must be undertaken in a work of art: "Significant form, however esoteric, makes concessions to consumption; lack of significance is dilettantism by its immanent criteria.
In spite of the theses that only with the protest of a part of the Macedonian intellectuals against the dilettantism and insults the reason had prevailed by settling the accounts with the Macedonian nationalism, the withdrawal of the Encyclopedia under political dictation and the naive satisfaction of the Gruevski-Ahmeti couple with the temporary relaxation of the tensions, there is no room for further optimism.
Koha writes that another criticism for MANU's (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts) dilettantism is that numerous eminent Albanian individuals, such as Dervish Cara, Dervish Hima, Hamdi bej Ohri, Jashar Ere Bara, Mehmed Pash Derala, and Josfi Bageri, are not mentioned in this encyclopedia.
As a laborer tested in relation to traditional ideals of workmanship, Ashbee's Cellini represents an argument against dilettantism and an icon of concentrated process.