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Synonyms for dilettantish

lacking the required professional skill

Synonyms for dilettantish

showing frivolous or superficial interest

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This consumerist, touristic, and dilettantish dipping into the works of the past is presented as yet another horrific spectacle in a novel rife with them; despite Faulkner's avowal that Jerusalem is a story of "one of two types of love," this is most often a novel of seething hatred and scattershot unleashing of loathing as to the effects of the mass culture machine on literature.
He was hardly a yeshiva bocher himself, but his thought was that we could do a little bonding through study and arrive at a dilettantish understanding of the Talmudic style.
Where I see Marvelous Monsters, the Real Contemporary Art Critic would probably see Baconian imitation, the umpteenth Baconian imitation, work that has the quality of being somewhat pretentious, dilettantish, extemporaneous, amateurish.
In chapter 1, "Facts and Favole," Magnanini reminds us that scholars were interdisciplinary in ways that would not be considered dilettantish during their day as they dabbled in the arts and sciences, explaining the mutual influence of literary and scientific disciplines upon each other.
Lawrence was a somewhat skeptical participant, tending to view others' fascination with Native people as dilettantish and demeaning.
Thus, even as The Gleaner's name can suggest dilettantish collection, Murray quite differently characterizes her authorship as strenuous labor requiring "penury and hardship" (14).
The narrator maintains that their solid rootedness in their own land and in Catholic traditions gives them the dignity to resist the demands of the National Socialist regime: "Nothing can be more alien to these people than the superficial and dilettantish reform craze, the continual interfering and ordering which of course the officials of the National Socialist party have undertaken here as well.
9) Bedier's solidarity with the American was itself criticized by Cesare Segre in his own, widely admired edition of the Roland that made its first appearance in 1971, in which he dismissed the Yale professor's argument as dilettantish.
What is clear is that Buber's rendering of Hasidism, especially in the earlier period, was neither accidental nor dilettantish, but the outcome of a highly self-reflexive process.
Buckovski assessed that the encyclopedia was prepared in a dilettantish manner, as reports from the Macedonian dailies were used as a source for the paragraph that states, "There were American and British special-forces members and sponsors in the camps of the National Liberation Army".
By contrast, in the whole previous history of Turkish to English translation, from 1884-1990, there were only 81 translations published (158-172), most of which Yilmaz complains reflected an Anglophone interest in Turkish literature and culture which was at best 'erratic' and unsystematic, and at worst dilettantish and orientalist (39).
Dilettantish hordes were preparing to descend upon the burek sandwich shops and leave Slovenia in ashes before decamping to the next hot destination, the place, say, where Brangelina holed up in the south of France while awaiting the twins.
Well, today's government-funded scientists, backed by biased media and dilettantish politicians, have surpassed the alchemists: these modern sorcerers would have us believe that an odorless, colorless gas that makes plants grow, which has been exhaled by human beings in the respiration process since time immemorial, is literally killing Mother Earth and that getting rid of the gas will ensure wealth.
In turn, such embrace of change accounts for the classical aesthetics of mono no aware [TEXT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (the pathos of things), with which the entire story is imbued--albeit twisted for the dilettantish consumption of the protagonist Shimamura [TEXT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].