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Synonyms for dilettante

Synonyms for dilettante

one lacking professional skill and ease in a particular pursuit

lacking the required professional skill

Synonyms for dilettante

an amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge

Related Words

showing frivolous or superficial interest

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Therefore, dilettantes and poorly experienced candidates should not get any votes; otherwise they would discover that their tasks in the presidential office were too overwhelming and challenging.
CDATA[ The Israeli left has become a movement of dilettantes, of losers who will turn traitor for a few Euros and 15 minutes of fame.
To characterize all those who hike and watch wildlife as witless dilettantes is outrageously unjust to the countless dedicated professionals, non-specialists and volunteers who act as stewards for and analysts of their particular little patches of earth.
She was a founding member of a book club, "The Dilettantes," in 1974, a group that has spanned the decades and formed a lifetime of friendships and many shared memories.
It would appear that several dilettantes believed that he knew where Blackbeard's treasures are buried and, through seances, are still attempting to ascertain their location by making contact with him.
Kohn does an excellent job of presenting the all-encompassing nature of Daoism as well as the ways in which it has been fragmented both by the contemporary government of China and Western dilettantes who pick and choose the aspects they wish to try.
At least the British are transparent in treating politics by bloodline by segregating upper class dilettantes in an upper chamber, the House of Lords, with mainly ceremonial powers.
All those suburban dilettantes who used to condemn retailers for cutting prices ought to be rejoicing that the era of expensive food is upon us.
Our access to policy makers gives our pages and content more credibility and wallop than those of bloggers or online dilettantes.
Part of this can be attributed to wartime propaganda that labelled the Italian Army dilettantes and mocked their courage.
This choice of location could only have been made by dilettantes who have no idea how the Valley operates, our lack of public transportation or the cores of densely populated areas that could have benefited by the new museum.
So let the dilettantes and fops of our own grimly diminished literature, besotted with its fashionable gestures of despair, reflexive irony, and terminal purism, take heed.
So in the spirit of Miles, here's a little unsolicited advice: Maybe the ads with the models posing as too-cool-for-school wine dilettantes aren't the right way to go.
Our message is clear: you can go backwards and you can have Michael Howard as prime minister if people throw away their vote on minority parties or dilettantes.
Serious cooks and cooking dilettantes will appreciate the stainless-steel pestle and bamboo wood mortar for crushing aromatic spices.