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Synonyms for dilettante

Synonyms for dilettante

one lacking professional skill and ease in a particular pursuit

lacking the required professional skill

Synonyms for dilettante

an amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge

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showing frivolous or superficial interest

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Writing in the Atlantic Monthly in 1899, Paul Elmer More anticipated Graves by revealing something in the poem "very fair and fragile, which we are wont to stigmatize as effeminate or dilettante," for "the love of beauty," he warned, "has always a tendency to become effeminate and inefficient.
In an interview with Sputnik, Jacques Myard an MP from France's center-right opposition party, The Republicans, slammed Turkey's double standards on Syria, saying that Ankara acts as a dilettante when it comes to Middle East policy, Sputnik reported.
Once described by his peers as " a dilettante amusing himself with canvas and brushes", Sabavala is now considered one of the most important Indian modernist artistes whose work rivals that of the greatest exponents of the School of Paris.
But that doesn't mean he performs or acts like a dilettante.
And I got shorthanded as 'That Guy: Jennifer Lopez movies bombed', therefore he must be a sort of thoughtless dilettante, solipsistic consumer blah blah blah," he said.
He might like to explain in the national press the aesthetic gravitas and the artistic genius of woolly planks, instead of his insinuations that patronise anyone who is not a chardonnay-swilling dilettante.
Coaching should be applied by manager Alex McLeish and the likes of Gordon Cowans and not the dilettante, who have had an adverse effect on the club since the days of the great Ron Saunders and his able second-incommand Tony Barton.
I always feel like a dilettante making movies, because I know great directors and I'm not that," he added.
Large-cut Davidoff cigars from the Dominican Republic share cabinets with Coronas and Robustos from the Honduras: with their low tobacco content, these are perfect for the dilettante looking to become a puff daddy.
Written with journalistic flair, this fast-paced narrative tells Wolfe's story with compassion, putting to rest uncharitable characterizations of the climber as an unfit dilettante.
The Andy Carpenter series is consistently entertaining and always is built around a trial in which the dilettante attorney defends an innocent accused of some crime or other.
The charismatic Abergavenny-based Evans had taken on Hector Spectre after Kevin Prendergast gave up training and the 4-1 shot thrived to take the Blakes Butchers Selling Handicap by a neck from 7-2 favourite Primo Dilettante.
But based upon this new recording, she remains--in the best sense of the word--a dilettante.
Beaubrav looks solid, but preference is for Primo Dilettante, who scored well over course and distance two starts ago.
But he said: "I used to have this image of a dilettante lad and it's true that I didn't give my all in every match.