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a vibrating device that substitutes for an erect penis to provide vaginal stimulation

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Talking dildo you're convenient, big, and sweet Huh, don't
There are other Canadian companies making body-safe sex toys--Lola's produces sealed wooden dildos in Alberta, Eros and Isis makes silicone toys in British Columbia, and Aslan and Sinvention make leather kink goods in Ontario--but most of the highly praised sex toy companies are based elsewhere.
he strapless, pull-on design and body-conforming fabric make the Tomboi svelte enough to wear under your clothes with a soft-pack tucked into the front pouch, and, when you're ready to romp, you can slide a dildo through the flexible 0-ring without taking everything off.
Indeed, this threat goes even further, as revealed by the narrator's getting Maria into bed as Polly: dildos not only allow women to satisfy themselves, they also allow women to satisfy each other, which opens up many more--and many more threatening--possibilities.
O metodo da contrassexualidade tem um impacto sobre nocoes de sexualidade por descontextualizar a "referencia" do dildo e girar a posicao da declaracao (Preciado, 2003: 16).
While Texas was deciding, in effect, that sex toys could now be sold in seedy porn shops or delivered in plain brown packages, Sweden was voting to allow its government-run Apoteket pharmacy chain to begin supplying dildos and the like as a health benefit for its citizens.
If I see another David Gold interview on the poor East End Jewish boy done good I'll impale myself on one of his dildos.
Crowds also converged at a booth demonstrating the use of rubber dildos while another booth bursting with dildos, vibrators, condoms and massage oils attracted a steady stream of visitors, young and old, male and female.
Dildos can vary from the lurid pink, anatomically generous varieties to small vibrating pebbles that could double as a paperweight.
masturbation (Brantome, we recall, referred to dildos as "ces
Next, I'm sure we're going to see vibrators by Prada, and dildos by Dior.
One can freely buy dildos and other "marital aids" so long as an agreement is signed alleging that the "educational models" purchased will be used strictly for "artistic, scientific or educational purposes.
Our wooden dildos are made from naturally felled trees - Anita Roddick's daughter Sam on opening a sex shop.
He and his dancers referenced drugs and sex; they wore outlandish costumes that regularly bared body parts, sported gigantic rubber dildos or breasts, and showed explicit sexual activity in their dancing.