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a vibrating device that substitutes for an erect penis to provide vaginal stimulation

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That distinguishes them from the dildoes and the vibrators, she says.
But she admits that men have complained about the unrealistically endowed dildoes and that that hasn't induced the store to take them off the shelves which I guess is what they mean when they say the store is prowoman.
My mind begins to wander to other questions-about the sexual assumptions behind dildoes and penetration, and whether sex toys create sexual values or reproduce preexisting sexual values and whether strapping on a dildoe is radical or reactionary-when Haar says, "We also don't make any assumptions about how anything we sell is being used.
Williams takes the latter to be the meaning of VII 62-3 and Cunningham approves,(9) accepting, in effect, that 'women are addicted to dildoes as a dog to gnawing through its tether' gives as good, or better, point as Lawall's 'innocent' interpretation that only an addiction to shoes is intended.