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a vibrating device that substitutes for an erect penis to provide vaginal stimulation

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Don't talk about incest or abortions or hitchhiking or sugar-daddies or bull-dykes or body art or dildoes.
The earliest of his Cibachromes, The State of the Art, 1984, conjures a futurist cityscape from lipsticks, videos, computer games, dildoes, miniaturized electronic goods, and dime-store trash; a rainbow-hued vanitas is fashioned from a heap of skull-shaped rubbers in Still Life (Erasers), 1985; and the horizonless landscape of the "Petrochemicaland," 1991, series is concocted from tangles of audiotape, Styrofoam packaging-pellets, and clothing tags.
To defeat the dildo, the narrator of A Spy on Mother Midnight makes Maria burn the offender, and imagines a giant bonfire in which all of England's dildos are destroyed--a fantasy which echoes a recent event in which an English mob intercepted and burned a shipment of French dildos, and which is re-imagined in the 1739 erotic poem "Dildoides": "Priapus thus, in Box opprest,/Burnt, like a Phoenix in her Nest;/But with this fatal Diff'rence dies,/No Dildoes from his Ashes rise.
Just a moment sir," she said, and found a blank reach of countertop and set the boxes of wiggling electric dildoes upon it.
This sense of use--as a distinction between benefiting from and owning something--seems to color these earlier lines from "Satyre II" (Donne, 8 [lines 31-33]): "But these do mee no harme, nor they which use / to out-do Dildoes, and out-usure Jewes; / to'out-drinke the sea, to'out-sweare the Letanie.