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Synonyms for dilator

a muscle or nerve that dilates or widens a body part

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a drug that causes dilation

a surgical instrument that is used to dilate or distend an opening or an organ


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VuVatech's unique patent-pending approach to bringing relief to sufferers of these conditions uses holistic magnet therapy in combination with a set of vaginal dilators that graduate in size.
The devices in the product line include a soft-tip wire guide, a serial dilator set, the Kolenda Salivary Access Introducer Set and the NGage and NCircle salivary stone extractors.
Suprastomal stenosis due to cartilage damage is the typical complication following PT and it usually occurs due to an obliquely placed pretracheal tract leading to tangential contact of tubes and dilators against the anterior tracheal wall.
A preliminary study of sickle-cell patients with pulmonary hypertension suggests that they can benefit from sildenafil, a blood vessel dilator marketed as the impotence drug Viagra by the New York--based drug company Pfizer.
Eligible candidates were randomized to either 56-French (the study group) or 40-French (the control group) Pilling dilators.
In some cases, once the decision to withdraw treatment is made, blood thinners and vessel dilators are given to the patient to help preserve the organs to be transplanted.
There was a very ad hoc approach to the use of dilators in the unit that I was working in.
Nasal dilators are useful, and nasal sprays can reduce nasal stuffiness caused by allergies to house dust mites, feather bedding, pet hair or cigarette smoke.
He spells out how those in the business of marketing treatments have frequently played on the public's social values and general fear of disease to promote products as varied as laxatives, strenuous health regimens, and rectal dilators and vibrators.
She can usually return home except for twice-daily visits to the clinic or office to be sure that she is dilating and to replace the dilators if required.
The patent covers the use of various topical formulations for treating wounds, ulcers, and inflammatory conditions, including topical formulations comprising a combination of the retinoid Vitamin A and the blood vessel dilator methyl nicotinate in a stable emulsion and topical formulations comprising a combination of a retinoid and the blood vessel dilators methyl nicotinate and arginine.
Contract notice: Supply of medical equipment specialist (including corset stabilizing, drains pressure, accessories for the car kit tools like mikromed, probes, the system will funnel chest by nuss and other cannula to shoulder bezostrzowa, prosthesis bones of the cranial vault, catheters, diagnostic, faucets, baskets capture introducers, dilators, voice prosthesis, a tube-type acth with aprotenina, catheter thorax, needle puncture flexible to cystoscope, occupancy for surgery with non-woven synthetic, disposable bulldogs vascular protezka middle ear, containers for needles of trocars, the applicator to collect fluids bottles, the cannula to long-term intravenous infusion, secure the cannula, the cap)
Imad Eddin al-Duroubi won the first place and gold medal for inventing dilators in implant dentistry in his participation in the Invention and Creativity Fair in Egypt.
Most of them would probably not be offered surgery at that point, but they could be given psychological counseling and dilators for when they feel ready to use them," she said in an interview with this newspaper.
Eye controls included pupil dilators, tear lines and lids with crossed lashes that blinked.