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Synonyms for dilatoriness

slowness as a consequence of not getting around to it

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Several reasons for the dilatoriness exist, including differences in language, culture, business models, and legal systems.
This dilatoriness has fostered a curious underground celebrity that has percolated for years, longer even than it takes this veteran figure not to bring a work to completion.
A fascinating contribution to this outstanding book, which is so richly illustrated, comes from Catherine Arbuthnot, who does not shrink from describing "Athenian" Stuart's dilatoriness and lack of method.
If this was impossible, and "the same dilatoriness continues," Forbes was to place the entire matter into the hands of Claudius Rondeau, who would conclude the treaty "if the moscovites are sincere in the good dispositions they profess.
In response to the legislature's budgetary dilatoriness, Rochester's Jim Lawrence pointed out, his paper and at least two other New York newspapers withheld endorsements of legislative candidates before the previous statewide election.
67) And the fact that the ADA claim was not raised until the Schindlers' amended complaint (albeit one filed only a day after the original complaint) must have added to the sense of dilatoriness.
Foster's last resistance ended early in 1929 after eleven members of his faction criticized him in the Daily Worker for his dilatoriness on the red union issue.
The latest knife-twist in supporters' innards concerns dilatoriness rather than wage demands.
Perhaps, to some extent, it is pure greed that motivates some of these plaintiffs and their lawyers, but it may also be that they perceive that they will receive fairer treatment in the tort regime, despite its cost, its dilatoriness and its uncertainty.
In their written judgment, Lord Justice Rix and Mr Justice Forbes were strongly critical of 'the dilatoriness of the investigative process' already conducted by the Royal Military Police's Special Investigations Branch.
This appears to involve a charge of dilatoriness on my friend Wilkins, which considering his numerous occupations would be extremely unjust.