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Synonyms for dilator

a muscle or nerve that dilates or widens a body part

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a drug that causes dilation

a surgical instrument that is used to dilate or distend an opening or an organ


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The EZDilate balloon dilator is an important addition to the Olympus EndoTherapy line-up because it allows for completion of the full portfolio of core device offerings for gastroenterologists.
In this case, the wire was lost with the insertion of the dilator, showing that this too is a hazardous step in the procedure.
Flexible serial dilators are introduced over the wire to expand the opening and prepare the salivary duct for the introduction of procedural instruments.
Scientists believe that impaired activation of the pharyngeal dilator muscles decreases their tone to the point that structures supported by these muscles are easily drawn into the airway during sleep in OSA sufferers.
When the dilator is advanced over the catheter onto the guidewire, the guidewire alone does not provide enough support to keep the dilator within the trachea, and this lack of support predisposes to perforation of the posterior tracheal wall.
Mrs Tobin told how three days after her operation, she passed the dilator while on the toilet
Taking deep breaths helps transport a potent lung and blood vessel dilator called nitric oxide from nasal passages to your lungs.
It also raised dilator reserve by 83% in ischemic areas without affecting dilator reserve in normal areas.
A preliminary study of sickle-cell patients with pulmonary hypertension suggests that they can benefit from sildenafil, a blood vessel dilator marketed as the impotence drug Viagra by the New York--based drug company Pfizer.
The dilator (die-la-tor) muscle moves away from the pupil like bicycle spokes.
We wished to determine the impact of esophageal dilation with a large-diameter dilator on dysphagia and quality of life in such patients.
A new module will be designed to integrate guide wire, catheter, dilator, and needle procedures on a haptic feedback device attached to a laptop computer.
A survey of gynecologic oncology units in Australia revealed a lack of consensus about recommendations concerning dilator therapy for vaginal stenosis.
Stewards' secretary Phil Tuck said: "Nephite was wearing a nasal dilator contrary to instruction D18 which states that it is not allowed.
Although nasal dilator strips are known to decrease resistance to airflow and have been shown to help people with breathing while they sleep, athletic performance is a different matter.