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Synonyms for dilation

a lengthy discussion (spoken or written) on a particular topic

the act of expanding an aperture

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This new device is exciting for its advancements in balloon dilation precision and also because of the opportunities it presents our customers for accessing a more complete and cost-effective line-up of EndoTherapy devices from Olympus," said Richard Reynolds, Executive Vice President - Sales, Marketing of the Medical Systems Group at Olympus Corporation of the Americas.
When sinus balloon dilation was originally introduced as an adjunct to sinus surgical treatment, some surgeons felt it was contraindicated in cases with obstructing polyps.
According to the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) and American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) guidelines published in 2013 and 1999, respectively, initial therapy of choice for achalasia for patients with low surgical risk should be either graded pneumatic dilation or laparoscopic myotomy, based on the patient's preference and physician expertise.
Two patients in the dilation group and one control reported odynophagia.
One study plotted the course of labor in centimeters of dilation over time in 500 nulliparous pregnant women.
A dilation may pass on its own after the dog is given gas-dispersing agents," says Moss.
The dilation is a sign that the autonomic nervous system - the system that controls involuntary actions like pulse and breathing - is ramping up.
NOS inhibition did not affect ACh dilation in control arteries but increased dilation in the DE group, suggesting NOS does not normally contribute to ACh-induced dilation in coronary arteries but does contribute to endothelial dysfunction after DE inhalation.
At this point, I started reading medical literature about dilation and other surgeries to treat these symptoms.
The company recently launched a new Web site, a catalog and a series of new products, including additional Swivel Port lumbar and cervical minimally invasive surgery (MIS) retractor systems, as well as a new dilation system.
Classical function theory, operator dilation theory, and machine computation on multiply-connected domains.
Acute gastric dilation leading to ischemia of the stomach is an under-diagnosed and potentially fatal event.
Thirty-six percent of these programs train half or more of residents in second-trimester dilation and evacuation; 51%, in second-trimester induction.
Endoglin normally sits on the surface of blood vessels, where it plays a role in vessel dilation and facilitates blood flow.
This product works by placing two clips with electrodes on a laboring woman's cervix and a scalp electrode on the fetus and using proprietary ultrasound technology to measure cervical dilation and height (descent) of the fetal head.