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Bulgular: Idiyopatik dilate kardiyomiyopatili hastalar kontrol bireyleri ile karsilastirildiklari zaman her bir major epikardiyal koroner arter icin TIMI kare sayisi onemli olarak yuksek bulundu (Sol on inen koroner arter icin duzeltilmis, TIMI kare sayisi: 37.
Checking a baby's eyes is a simple, inexpensive procedure - the only cost is a $30 bottle of eye drops that should last a pediatrician for a month and a half - but many doctors are erroneously convinced that it would be too complicated and time-consuming to dilate the eyes of every baby they see at least once, Murphree said.
Nitric oxide may limit the sickling of blood cells, prevent cells from sticking to vessel walls, or dilate peripheral blood vessels, says Mark T.
a biotechnology company developing therapeutics to dilate human veins and arteries for use in vascular surgery and angioplasty, announced today that it has raised $19 million in a Series A venture capital round.
said, "It is important to dilate the pupils when examining eyes of people with diabetes to get an adequate view of the retina.
A normal vessel can dilate up to 15 percent in diameter.
Responding to the needs of physicians performing numerous dilatation procedures, the Advance balloon incorporates an increased lumen size for faster inflation/deflation rates while still providing sufficient rated burst pressure to dilate demanding lesions.
In 1977, Murad found that nitroglycerin and related drugs induce nitric oxide (NO) formation and that this gas relaxes the muscle cells that narrow and dilate blood vessels.
Drugs that dilate arteries and break up clots can delay the inevitable for some people.
Now, the scientists report in the March 21 Nature, they have solved both the paradox-how blood vessels dilate even though red blood cells are filled with a potent vasoconstrictor, hemoglobin-and the larger mystery.
Physicians routinely give patients digitalis to enhance pumping power, diuretics to eliminate fluid buildup, and drugs known as ACE-inhibitors to dilate blood vessels.
As early as 1959, others had noticed that Down's patients react strongly to chemicals that block transmission of the nervous system messenger acetylcholine: Their pupils dilate and their heart rates increase more than normal.
Thus, another compound, NANO, stimulates hair growth but doesn't dilate vessels.