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the act of expanding an aperture

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Rigorous weekly schedule of bougie dilatation and intralesional triamcinolone in combination is safe and effective in achieving significant dilatation reducing the frequency of dilatations, maintaining dilatation and improving dysphagia till one year of followup.
4] In our cohort, we noted that the median number of dilatations was the highest for the caustic injury group.
In his history, it was learned that repeated esophageal balloon dilatations (the last one was performed 2 weeks ago) had been performed because of esophageal stricture, which developed following intake of nitric acid (porcoz) four years ago, and the patient was being fed through a gastrostomy catheter.
The condition was first described by a British physician in 1674, Sir Thomas Willis, and treated with dilatation using a sponge attached to a whale bone (4).
Dilatations include an invariant change in volume of the spacetime continuum which is the source of the associated rest-mass energy density of the deformation.
Comparison of clinical findings in men who underwent urethroplasty versus dilatation or urethrotomy 5-6 times 5-6 dilatations or Urethroplasty urethrotomies No.
The linear thermal dilatations of filament of WTh and core from Mo due the temperature gradient correlated with the ratio:
OrbusNeich has announced the addition of the Sapphire NC coronary dilatation catheter to its product line-up with the receipt of CE Mark approval.
Previous studies have shown that younger patients respond less well to pneumatic dilatation than older patients and need more frequent dilatations (3)(4) and a recent study has shown that the response is particularly poor in patients under 18 years of age (5).
Fabricated from tough, high-strength materials and designed to prevent the catastrophic failures seen with other heart valve dilatation balloons, the TRUE Dilatation Balloon is highly resistant to ruptures, punctures, and tears.
2] Alternative techniques were only considered in the early 1980s with the introduction of a Gruentzigtype balloon dilatation technique, boasting a lower complication rate, decreased number of dilatations and ease of use.
In a previous paper [1], we proposed a natural decomposition of spacetime continuum tensor fields, based on the continuum mechanical decomposition of tensors in terms of dilatations and distortions.
Our TRUE Dilatation Balloon is designed to be both precise and tough, thereby facilitating exact, controlled and dependable dilatations for BAV and TAVI procedures.
Dilatations thus propagate in the spacetime continuum as longitudinal waves.
The TRUE Dilatation Balloon is designed to be precise and tough, thus enabling accurate, controlled and reliable dilatations for BAV and TAVI procedures.