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the act of expanding an aperture

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In Electromagnetism, as shown in [1, see (121)], the volume dilatation is [epsilon] = 0.
Thus in this case, the kinetic energy in the longitudinal direction is carried by the distortion part of the deformation, while the dilatation part, which carries the rest-mass energy, is not present as the mass is 0.
In addition, the difference between operational linear thermal dilatations of filament and central core is minim.
The possible differences between relative elongation of main constructive elements, spiral filament of WTh and central core of Mo due to different linear dilatations are getting by a thermal compensator, introduced in a back circuit of current after locking ring between central core and output current rod.
Sapphire NC is available in a wide range of sizes for precise dilatation to match popular stent lengths.
14), we obtain separated dilatation and distortion relations respectively:
This decomposition in a massive dilatation and a massless transverse wave distortion, where both are present in spacetime continuum deformations, is somewhat reminiscent of wave-particle duality.
Hence the divergence of the strain and rotation tensors equals the gradient of the massive volume dilatation, which acts as a source term.
We have noted that this decomposition into a dilatation with rest-mass energy density and a massless transverse wave distortion, is somewhat reminiscent of wave-particle duality, with the transverse mode corresponding to the wave aspects and the longitudinal mode corresponding to the particle aspects.
The most important benefit of the TRUE Dilatation Balloon is dependability," said Prof.
The TRUE Dilatation Balloon is designed to do exactly that; it represents a new paradigm in percutaneous heart valve prep and valvuloplasty.
4] and G is the gravitational constant, we obtain a separation of the field equations of General Relativity into dilatation and distortion relations respectively:
The dilatation relation of (8) can also be expressed as
and European markets are rapidly adopting our TRUE Dilatation Balloon platform because it represents a state-of-the-art paradigm for percutaneous heart valve prep and valvuloplasty.
The NC Stormer balloon is designed to provide the precision and performance expected in a post-stent dilatation balloon in the era of drug-eluting stents, specifically to minimize edge effect and to protect healthy tissue.