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The main goal of the present paper was to study the propagation of solitary waves in dilatant granular materials.
1] particles cannot form layers and slide over each other as firstly reported by Hoffman [29], and shear thinning turns into a dilatant flow.
where m is a fitting constant and n is index, in which: n = 1, the system is a Newtonian fluid; n < 1, it is a pseudo-plastic fluid; and n > 1, it is a dilatant fluid.
The mineralized body at Ofi Creek occurs on the intersection of compressive arc front and dilatant transform structures, similar to those which control mineralization on projects in Papua New Guinea held by Placer on Porgera 14M oz mine, BHP on Ok Tedi 32M oz mine and Highlands on Freida River 41M oz.
With the recent discovery of significant gold mineralization south of the 14Moz Porgera gold project by the Carpenter/Madison project, WPI has stepped up exploration plans in Papua New Guinea as all the projects are located on similar structural features as Madison in particular the north east dilatant transform fracture systems.
As much as the dilatant range, n [greater than] 1, remains to be more thoroughly explored, the results of Figs.
Further drilling to identify dilatant zones, where mineralization should be preferentially concentrated, will be carried out in 1997.
Shear-thickening effects, where the viscosity rises with increasing shear rate, are often associated with volume increases during shear and have usually been labeled as dilatant (4-17).
Gold mineralization occurs within quartz-pyrite veins occupying shear and dilatant structures within a 4 km diameter subcircular quartz diorite intrusion.
Obviously, in this case the liquid studied is dilatant (its viscosity increases with shear stress).
BN-18 targets one of the favourable dilatant zones on the Bell Vein projected down-dip from shallow historical mine workings.