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Synonyms for dike

(slang) offensive term for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine

a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea


Related Words

enclose with a dike

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Native Paths: American Indian Art form the Collection of Charles and Valerie Diker.
The step-mother and uncle were sentenced to five years in jail last December on charges of assisting Diker carry out the crime.
Diker said that "Israel's neighbours in the Middle East" worried that the Iranian regime might collapse.
Diker said: "Hizbullah regards Lebanon as a sub-colony of Iran.
The deputies should not support this draft law, Diker said.
70) Dan Diker and Pinhas Inbari, "Prime Minister Salam Fayyad's Two-Year Path to Palestinian Statehood: Implications for the Palestinian Authority and Israel," Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, October 2, 2009, available at http://www.
This is the assumption of the Fayyad plan, and it poses a grave threat to Israel's security, said the analysis by Dan Diker and Pinhas Inbari which Fayyad complimented for its professionalism, adding: "although of course I do not agree with it.
In a report published last weekend by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Dan Diker and Khaled Abu Toameh revealed explosive information.
And when you se the sune a-misse, & to munkes heades And a mayde have the masteri, and multiply by eight Than shall deathe with draue, and dearth be Justice And davi the diker, shall die for hunger But if god of his goodnes graunt us a treue.
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Diker said he is confident in Krakauer's ability to help the company grow its core infection prevention and control businesses and help it expand through acquisitions.
With: Nurgul Yesilcay, Cem 0zer, Derya Alabora, Firat Can Aydin, Zeynep Deniz 0zbay, Erkan Tasdogen, Atif Emir Benderlioglu, Ezel Akay, Umit Cirak, Asuman Dabak, Hakan Bilgin, Munire Apaydin, Yildiz Kultur, Turan 0zdemir, Guner 0zkul, Veysel Diker, Hasan Erol.
The lectures, sponsored by the National Architectural Trust, will take place at: 7 World Trade Center, whose state-of-the-art security, energy and sanitation systems make it one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the world; The Marine Room at newly renovated India House, which was built in 1852 and modeled after Italian Renaissance palaces; The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian's Diker Pavilion, New York's newest art, education and performance space that is located inside the historic, Cass Gilbert-designed Alexander Hamilton U.
Remote sensing techniques combined with GPS and GIS techniques can be applied to production fields to manage N inputs (Bausch and Delgado, 2003; Bausch and Diker, 2001; Scharf et al.