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any of several small antelopes of eastern Africa of the genus Madoqua

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The tiny Kirk's dik-dik, who at the time was no bigger than a bottle of pop and too light to register on the zoo's set of antelope scales, was bottle fed by staff five times a day.
The dik-dik is a small antelope, about sixteen inches high and weighing in at eight to ten pounds.
The dik-dik - which gets its name from the noise it makes when running for cover - only arrived at Chester in 2008.
He sees many possible dinners for prey, including a cobra, a hare and a dik-dik, but it is a humble little weaver bird that falls to his talons and if taken home to feed his chick and mate.
At more than 220,000 square kilometres, its immense terrain features a host of animals including the big cats, elephant, rhino, giraffe, zebra and a variety of antelope from the tiny dik-dik to the mighty kudu.
This personal travelogue of a seven month trek through Africa includes meeting a gorilla fact to face, enduring a blistering Saharan breakdown, hunting dik-dik with a tribe of pygmies, climbing Africa's highest mountain, hurtling through Zambezi rapes, experiencing some of the effects of on-going civil wars.
Elsewhere, we enjoyed the hummingbird and butterfly gardens; the toylike Gunther's dik-dik from East Africa, 13-inch-long antelope with spindly legs and doe eyes; and the nursery, where there are not only long tables holding potted desert plants for sale, but a smorgasbord of wind chimes, garden ornaments, bird feeders, fountains and sculptures.
William's plan to spend more time in Africa was strengthened during his summer holidays in Kenya and Uganda, when he came under fire for spearing a small dik-dik deer.
Reports said the Prince crept up behind the 14ins dik-dik during a hunting trip last week after taking lessons from a Masai warrior.
more appearing IT''S impossible to get excited about the new baby dik-dik antelope at the Chester Zoo knowing that this naturally free-roaming animal will never know freedom (Chester Zoo''s Tiny New Arrival, Aluna the Dik-Dik, Is Making a Big Impression,March 12).
She said: "Kirk's dik-dik is one of the smaller of the antelope species but what they lack in stature, they make up for in appeal.