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Synonyms for digs

an excavation for ore or precious stones or for archaeology

temporary living quarters

References in classic literature ?
Ain't them old crippled picks and things in there good enough to dig a nigger out with?
Huck Finn, did you EVER hear of a prisoner having picks and shovels, and all the modern conveniences in his wardrobe to dig himself out with?
By and by they judged that twelve had come; they marked where the shadow fell, and began to dig.
If I have a spade," she whispered, "I can make the earth nice and soft and dig up weeds.
Jotham, who has been much in the mountain latterly, being kept there by me and Hiram, has made a discovery, which he will not explain, he says, for he is bound by an oath; but the amount is, that he knows where the ore lies, and he has this day begun to dig.
You didn't think your Cap'n was a-goin' to dig with a shovel, did you?
The child had no playmates, so he did not know that boys often dig out the inside of a "pumpkin-jack," and in the space thus made put a lighted candle to render the face more startling; but he conceived an idea of his own that promised to be quite as effective.
Sometimes he started small slides of earth that covered up his work and compelled him to dig again.
Instead, with weird little chirrupings of encouragement and excitation, he persuaded Jerry to dig a tunnel beneath the rude palisade of fence.
The little dog began barking loudly and jumped into the hole himself, where he began to dig with his tiny paws, making the earth fly in all directions.
Why do they not get to work and dig up these long rows of black and crooked stumps which I see on every hand?
We have, therefore, a well of sixty feet in diameter to dig down to a depth of nine hundred feet.
I took particular pleasure in this breaking of ground, for in almost all latitudes men dig into the earth for an equable temperature.
He would not believe the Parrot's words and began to dig away furiously at the earth.
As it seemed reasonable to conclude that a man who had never been buried could not be unburied, the diggers gave him up when their task was done, and did not dig down for him into the depths of the earth.