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Synonyms for digressive

Synonyms for digressive

of superficial relevance if any


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(of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects

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Of his dialogue with Pigott, he values its digressiveness (62; cf.
Gutersloh chose that statement as the epigraph to his immense allegorical work Sonne und Mond (Sun and Moon, 1962, 5), a novel virtually without plot line and sustained almost entirely by metaphor over 800 pages, a triumph of fantastically complex digressiveness and rumination, an assemblage of "things flung down at random" that ends in cohesive totality, a fiction so unrelentingly subjective in its narrator's cosmic sovereignty that only the exercise of an unprecedented self-indulgent imagination could have produced and sustained this gigantic work.
Despite their historical proximity, the immediacy of Richardson's epistolary method scarcely resembles the urbane detachment of Fielding's style or the sportive digressiveness of Sterne's approach.
She was an uneducated person, having only gone through the eighth grade, but her language--marked by an endless digressiveness and a deep, "country" accent--was the one that first introduced me to the possibilities of verbal expression.
Though the astonishing digressiveness of A Life-Drama will always pose obstacles to attracting a wide audience, the poem merits revisiting on the grounds of its unconventional narrative of gender and sexuality.
The author might herself have cut down on the digressiveness, but it is surely an editor's task to deal with the mammoth note 33 to Chapter 1, in which the author sets out her prosodic assumptions.