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Synonyms for digressive

Synonyms for digressive

of superficial relevance if any


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(of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects

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20) In a move important to the digressive tradition inherited by De Quincey, Sterne linked imprecise wavy-lines with potentially endless digression.
The lectures certainly start and end with a main theme, framing digressive variations in the middle.
My head feels like an empty cave with water rushing in and flooding it, encouraging my digressive tendencies in the interview segment.
A brief conclusion recounts the book's argument and, in many respects, provides a clearer, more succinct review of the chapters' individual arguments than that found in the expansive, sometimes digressive, introduction.
Digressive load limited retractors, which regulate force exerted on the occupant by the seat belt and then gradually releases seat belt webbing in a controlled manner; system features a digressive load limiter for the driver and the front passenger (standard)
While the strength of the narrative lies in its complex understanding of Moroccan society, the digressive, unnecessarily detailed nature of some chapters may cause the reader to lose focus on the main themes.
While the book is highly digressive, and arguably more scenario-driven than densely plotted (the chapter order sometimes feels arbitrary), it still qualifies as a page-turner for its overall sense of suspense, and the enviable confidence with which it's written.
One sees another example of this digressive tendency in his coverage of the B-29, which never served in the theater.
Exquisite, melancholy, hilarious and cathartic, Richard Linklater's third walking-and-talking collaboration with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy turns a summer night's Grecian idyll into a typically digressive and cumulatively overwhelming essay on the joys and frustrations of (spoiler alert
Of course the roots of Hyde's strained nervous state were complex--social, psychological, physiological, emotional--and the treatment in the end could not sustain her, but her digressive, allusive account of herself in the autobiography written at this time allows you to see her emotional introspection, the vivacity of her memory and lively engagement with her daily life.
Despite the book's original publication in Ireland, there are digressive explanations of topics--like the Irish independence movement--that a native audience would hardly need.
Reamde's digressive tendencies will frustrate some - whole pages on abstruse topics slot in between lines of dialogue - but they're written beautifully, and generally do turn out to be relevant.
Reamde's digressive tendencies will frustrate some; whole pages on difficult topics slot in between dialogue.
Reamde's digressive tendencies will frustrate some; whole pages on abstruse topics slot in between lines of dialogue.
Christel hovers nearby in the kitchen, preparing meals and cups of coffee and periodically admonishing her husband for his rambling narrative style, which I take to be entirely in keeping with his digressive photographic forays in the streets of his adopted hometown.