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two successive letters (especially two letters used to represent a single sound: 'sh' in 'shoe')

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A rooted tree is a weakly connected digraph with one vertex which has out-degree 0, while all other vertices have out-degree 1.
We have seen how a particular letter or digraph can have multiple pronunciations, based on grammatical context.
The adjancency matrix A(D) of a digraph D is the p x p matrix [[a.
the reverse of D, that is, the digraph obtained from D by reversing all its arcs.
From now on we consider the TVP as finding a Hamiltonian path in the complete digraph [D.
The focus of the project is on the development of the structuralfoundations and algorithmic techniques for designing efficient algorithmsfor a wide range of algorithmic digraph problems.
A computerized digraph and matrix approach for evaluation of metal stamping layouts, Journal of Material Processing Technology, 59: 285-293.
For example, one item classified in the phonological measure as a consonant digraph was deemed problematic (/sh/ in the word wish) as it did not yield a statistically reliable result in Year 3.
A usual first step in this type of model creation is to construct a digraph with a given degree sequence.
The digraph associated to the model was drawn using Pajek.
The digraph may portray a basic concept of contextual relation among elements of a system, in which the values represent the strength of influence.
The proposed method is based on a hierarchical decomposition of the associated digraph into its strong subgraphs.
k,l]-decomposition of symmetric complete digraph [K.
Both the lack of a <CC> digraph and the use of an accent mark over the root vowel in these words Phillips (1992: 381) construes as a proof which shows that "the Ormulum may well contain evidence for the beginning of open-syllable lengthening in English" (cf.
Why has this absurdly minimalist digraph apparently become accepted as the standard method of starting an email message?