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two successive letters (especially two letters used to represent a single sound: 'sh' in 'shoe')

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The focus of the project is on the development of the structuralfoundations and algorithmic techniques for designing efficient algorithmsfor a wide range of algorithmic digraph problems.
A computerized digraph and matrix approach for evaluation of metal stamping layouts, Journal of Material Processing Technology, 59: 285-293.
Consonant Consonant digraphs are two letters that represent digraph one phoneme (Bear et al.
We let G = (V,E) be a digraph where E is a set of ordered pairs called arcs.
The algorithm we use to create the blocks on the diagonal of M is a modified version of Tarjan's algorithm HD that decomposes a digraph into its strong subgraphs hierarchically [26].
A simple digraph is a digraph in which each ordered pair of vertices occurs as an arc at most once.
Basically, he argues that any digraph consisting of two identical consonant graphemes in the orthographic system of MS Junius 1 could serve at least two different functions.
the digraph uv of a vowel and a semivowel was used, which occurs also in several words in the 1936 catechism (Katkismus 1936).
Let G = (V, E, A) be a weighted digraph with the set of vertices V = {l, 2, ?
Finally, F' [subset] W x W represents arcs on the given digraph DG = (W, F', [delta]) derived from GW = (W, F', [delta]) so that oriented arcs (u, v) [member of] F' and (v, u) [member of] F' if the edge (u, v) [member of] F, whereas length [delta] remains unchanged.
In modern Sibe reading pronunciation, the digraph is pronounced as [au], as it is on the audio files and so probably should be noted as such in the text itself.
The matrix based on the prey-predator link, a binary relation, is, in fact, the adjacency matrix (defined below) of the digraph associated with a food web.
Keystone species, species trophic levels, status, dominance, and other concepts can all be recognized from the digraph.
They might also be confused about the meaning of the terms digraph and blend.
Convert the resultant digraph into an ISM by replacing enabler nodes with statements.