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two successive letters (especially two letters used to represent a single sound: 'sh' in 'shoe')

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This is useful to quickly observe the letter, digram, or trigram entropy, for instance.
The user can select from the graphical user interface the type of symbol that will be used for the coding process as letters, digrams, trigrams, words, di-words, three-words and four-words.
Effective text compression with simultaneous digram and trigram encoding.
In the matrix, the head is represented by the digram et which, it will be noted, is exactly one-half of tete; it is this painstaking attention to detail which provides us with valuable clues that can prove crucial in fathoming Mallarme's intent.
We begin by connecting, via a ruler or straightedge, three key digrams (pairs of letters) shown in boldface: oc (Upper Line 14), em (Upper Line 5), and et (Upper Line 2).
Digit frequency, shifts in the autocorrelation function, and comparison of the subject's digit digram frequencies with those of a mathematically random sequence were used in the analysis.
The digrams kh, th, ph stand for unvoiced, aspirated stops that are noted by single letters of the Greek alphabet.
9) For other languages, reverse dictionaries have served to establish the distribution of the last character (monogram) of words, or of their digrams, the distribution of final syllables, of the vowels and consonants in final digrams, the frequency of digrams and trigrams, and similar statistical information.