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digitalis preparation (trade name Lanoxin) used to treat congestive heart failure or cardiac arrhythmia

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Herein, we examined the effect of SLE on the uptake of digoxin in LLC-PK1 cells (P-gp-negative control cells), a cell line lacking P-gp, and the derived cell line L-MDR1, which overexpresses human MDR1-encoded P-gp.
When another baby, Allana Miller, died soon after with a high concentration of digoxin in her blood, the hospital designated digoxin a "controlled drug"--it was to be locked away and could only be administered by following strict procedures.
The researchers said that more than half of the 20 drugs belonged to a class of drugs already commonly used for treating heart failure, and included digoxin.
Key Words: omeprazole, digoxin, interaction, toxicity
To assess potential interference of different ginsengs (Asian, American, and Indian, also known as Ashwagandha) in vitro and in vivo in a mouse model by using a new enzyme-linked chemiluminescent immunosorbent digoxin assay and an existing turbidimetric assay.
Effect of the traditional Chinese medicines Chan Su, Lu-Shen-Wan, Dan Shen, and Asian ginseng on serum digoxin measurement by Tina-quant (Roche) and Synchron LX system (Beckman) digoxin immunoassays.
However the plaintiff asserted that she did not "discover" the existence of her claim until June 21,2004, at which time she and her sister reviewed their father's medical records for the first time and learned that he had been suffering from Digoxin toxicity at the time of his cardiac arrest.
Another example is the interference of endogenous digoxin-like immunoreactive factors (DLIF) in digoxin immunoassays.
Similarly the 1,051 patients who were admitted with digoxin toxicity were about 13 times more likely to have been treated with clarithromycin in the previous week, compared with controls (adjusted odds ratio, 11.
Forensic experts said Amber's death was likely due to a massive overdose of digoxin, a heart medicine that had not been in Amber's recent regimen.
When aliquots of digoxin pool 1 (prepared from patients receiving digoxin) were supplemented with various amounts of hawthorn extract, significant increases in digoxin concentration were observed with the Digoxin III assay and not the Tina-Quant assay.
Digoxin accounted for 650 deaths, and the institute's analysis linked most of those to the recalled Digitek brand.
Many patients overdosed and suffered digoxin poisoning.
When these measures failed, Michael's attending physicians ordered Digoxin in an effort to improve the pumping action of the heart, well aware of the attendant risks including, but not limited to, the concentration of potassium in the blood rising to a level unsafe for the patient.