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Synonyms for dignified

Synonyms for dignified

having or expressing dignity

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having or showing self-esteem

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Our goal is to present ourselves dignifiedly and modestly in line with our capacity and make as rational presentation as possible," said Deputy Economy Minister and National Coordinator of Expo 2010 Shanghai, Metodij Hazdi Vaskov, adding that additional funds from the budget of the Republic of Macedonia had not been allocated.
And as the clock ticks, UDI becomes more and more unavoidable and in many ways represents the only choice that really carries any dignifiedly value for the people of South Sudan.
Impressive also are the little cadges and corner-cutting the down-on-its luck family has incorporated into its daily existence (like wife Angela dignifiedly walking out of a restaurant without paying), reminiscent of the makeshift nesting instincts of the uprooted clan in Jim Sheridan's "In America.
98) Based on an attempt to "revise the right of the peasant to live dignifiedly from working the land and to guarantee his incorporation into the national plans and agricultural development under appropriate forms of organization .
that it may have something to do with what is natural, or what is humanly dignified, or with the attitude that is properly respectful of what is naturally and dignifiedly human.
And thus it was that we ended with a chilling offering from Busoni pupil Kurt Weill, his Berliner Requiem (texts by Brecht) so poignantly appropriate this Battle of Britain weekend, given a dignifiedly emotional account by Ades' BCMG, European Voices (indefatigable director Simon Halsey was present), vocal soloists Robert Rice and Norbert Meyn, and colourful composer HK Gruber as an heroically decrepit chansonnier.