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put into digital form, as for use in a computer

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The digitizing machine begins by probing two or more pin bushings inserted in the model, locating it within the digitizer's 3-D coordinate system.
There are two distinct types of digitizing applications: tracer scanning and touch-probe.
Efforts like these two focus on the digital archiving of two-dimensional images; at the University of Texas in Austin, researchers are focusing on digitizing three-dimensional images that represent a budding science called digital morphology.
The Footshape is a digitizing system that acquires 3D plantar surfaces.
Puglia notes: "Often major IT infrastructure costs are budgeted separately from digitizing projects, and therefore the network upgrade and database development costs were not factored into the estimates for long-term maintenance for the digital images.
There are basically three types of digitizing technology in use today: touch probe, deflection probe, and laser.
has integrated its complete suite of digitizing functionality into Rhino, including ball-tip compensation, advanced repeatable alignments, Cut-plane fitting, and best fit geometries including circles, cylinders, spheres, planes and more.
The costs involved in building digital library collections are high and, given the limited staffing and fiscal resources available in most institutions, libraries must often strike a balance between acquiring commercially produced electronic products, digitizing local collections, and maintaining ongoing acquisitions of print materials.
According to Gary Christophersen, President and CEO, "The combination of Windows-compatible software and higher-resolution digitizing creates a level of quality that will appeal to most any 35mm photographer.
A large-scale digitizing initiative, such as that initiated by the Kennedy Presidential Library, is a complex undertaking," said Allen Weinstein, Archivist of the United States.
NYSE: AAC), today announced the introduction of the MicroImage Digital Scanner 300(TM), a low-cost, full-function workstation for digitizing and electronically processing micrographic images on demand.
Digi-Solve(TM) LLC, an innovative provider of digitization solutions, today announced the launch of the industry's first outsourced digitizing service.
As an established high-tech PR agency, VisiTech views this partnership as an opportunity to create awareness surrounding the benefits of automatically digitizing book content.
providers of CAD/CAM integrated 3D reverse engineering and digitizing software products, today announced it will debut its HighRES for Mastercam X, their newly upgraded software interface for digitizing direct in Mastercam at SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 1-4, 2005 in booth #52115 (Silver Lot Temporary Structure #2).