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put into digital form, as for use in a computer

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In the early days, if a researcher could demonstrate a new and innovative way to digitize content, that researcher's project was considered a success almost regardless of the outcome.
At some schools, this has translated into efforts to digitize art and art history collections; at others, it has spawned an entirely new breed of data that allows for three-dimensional representations to become part of the knowledge base.
I called Bob Wright at Atterbury Consultants and found that his firm could digitize our existing neighborhood plat (less than one square mile) for around $150 - much to my surprise.
eBeam automatically captures color notes and drawings, digitizes them, and allows the information to be saved and exported into most standard applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and e-mail.
Introduced in 1993, the Digital Scanner 300 scans and digitizes micrographic images, allowing them to be viewed, edited or enhanced on a personal computer.
The XRD9855 digitizes images in video camcorders, video cameras, digital still cameras, CCTV/security cameras, PC video cameras and digital copiers, as well as in document and film scanners.
Kodak's new digital scanner, the Color Scanner 3590C, was designed using the XRD9855 for its high speed, low power, and cost effectiveness to digitize the CCD image.
The controller digitizes a touch location by measuring disturbances to the field when a finger touches the screen.
IHR relates to TouchPen's ability to digitize both finger and stylus input and to automatically discriminate between the two.