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put into digital form, as for use in a computer

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Digivance is the only solution that digitizes the wideband RF for transport over fiber.
In Washington State, the Department of Natural Resources teamed up with Pacific Meridian Resources, a large GIS consulting firm headquartered in California, to digitize 2 million acres of trust lands managed by the agency.
The ScanScope is a high-resolution microscope slide scanner that digitizes an entire slide at diagnostic resolution in minutes.
In the trial, signals were transported from a BTS to an ADC Digivance(TM) Host Unit, which digitizes the RF signal and digitally transports it over fiber to an Infrared Communication's Free-space Optic Transceiver.
By using patented technology, the Digivance ICS digitizes all signals in the full allocated bandwidth, digitally transports them over multimode fiber, and reconstructs the signals at the far end.
eBeam automatically captures color notes and drawings, digitizes them, and allows the information to be saved and exported into most standard applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and e-mail.
The XRD9855 digitizes images in video camcorders, video cameras, digital still cameras, CCTV/security cameras, PC video cameras and digital copiers, as well as in document and film scanners.