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put into digital form, as for use in a computer

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With the objective of building up and maintaining the IMS network operational, reliable and in tune with the latest technological and scientific advancements, the Commission seeks to establish a new Contract for the supply of high resolution digitizers, hereinafter referred to as the Digitizers, and engineering and support services, hereinafter referred to as the Services, in compliance with the enclosed requirements.
a quick look at the industry shows that modular digitizers dominate the high-resolution market.
Using Tektronix, Enabling Technology, the digitizers achieve up to 5 GHz bandwidth and a 12.
Used with the VIDAR CAD PRO Advantage Film Digitizer, Clinical Express 3.
Niels Knudsen is the principal architect and developer of the PXI-5922 digitizer from National Instruments (NI), Austin, Texas.
The medical industry however was asking for better resolution and InSpeck delivered in 2002 with mega-pixel enhanced digitizers.
showed a mechanical 3D digitizer called the Metrecom.
You will find that digitizers can provide opportunities to observe images as they are interpreted by the camera, or to study the way artists utilize line, space, shape and color.
With subatomic particles traveling near the speed of light, digitizers must provide fast measurement throughput, very short "dead time" between measurements and excellent measurement fidelity.
The averager option (-AVG) is available now on the 8-bit U5309A and 12-bit U5303A PCIe high-speed digitizers.
The digitizers work with NI LabVIEW software for instrument control and automation, the NI LabWindows/CVI ANSI C software development environment, and Microsoft Visual Studio .
Using T-Clock technology, one can synchronize multiple PXI-5154 digitizers to build systems with up to 34 channels in a single PXI chassis.
Because the pulses are one-time events and are extremely fast, their capture and analysis eludes conventional digitizers.
The patent, which has 24 approved claims, relates to the fast, full-width imaging technology developed by iCAD for use in its Fulcrum digitizers and Second Look 200 CAD product line.
The M9703A AXIe digitizer, combined with an Agilent two-slot or five-slot AXIe chassis, allows users to easily scale up the number of parallel acquisition channels without the use of switches, reaching up to 40 channels in only 4U of rack-mount space using five digitizers.