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device for converting analogue signals into digital signals

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The four-channel EMX-4350 PXIe digitizer Gibson referred to features true differential inputs and very high alias signal rejection--two factors contributing to the typical -125-dBFS spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) specification and -98-dB THD rating from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
A DDC can also be created in software, but the consequence is that software DDCs run much slower and rely on the data at full ADC sample rate to be first off-loaded from the digitizer for processing.
The MPD-9xx digitizer board that houses all of the controller components in a single strip on 1 side of the main digitizer board.
Far more points are generated with the laser scanner than through the use of a digitizer arm, so the solid models are created more quickly and with better accuracy.
VIDAR's CAD PRO Advantage Digitizer features patented technological innovations that deliver superior image quality, exceptional consistency and repeatability, and increased speed.
Niels Knudsen is the principal architect and developer of the PXI-5922 digitizer from National Instruments (NI), Austin, Texas.
The problems were that the digitizer couldn't color-code drawings and the audit trail was limited.
When using a single digitizer, the registration of the coordinates must be done once the data is processed and can either be done manually or automatically.
If your screen taps sometimes don't seem to register correctly, go to the Applications screen, tap on Prefs, and choose Digitizer from the upper-right pop-up menu.
has introduced the VIVID 300 3-D Digitizer, an economical, portable, non-contact surface and color texture digitizer designed for workplace and remote location uses.
showed a mechanical 3D digitizer called the Metrecom.
A digitizer lets you connect your computer to a video camera and import video images to the computer screen.
com/research/m2lkcn/analysis_of_the) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "Analysis of the Global Optical Digitizer and Scanner Market" to their offering.
For applications requiring extended electronic waveform acquisition and generation, the Tera-Store storage system works with its PC-based digitizer and generator cards to increase possible recording and replay times.
With averaging up to 520,000 triggers per record and a self-trigger mode to effectively minimize synchronous pattern noise within the application, the averager functionality adds a layer to the ever-growing versatility of the Agilent PCIe digitizer family.