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put into digital form, as for use in a computer

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In total from 2005 to 2013, 7,150 hours of Golden Fund radio archive materials were digitized.
Without adequate description, digitized text and images are of little value to researchers, be they scholars or people with a more general interest.
passport issuance system produces passports that include digitized, printed photographs that significantly enhance the security of the passports.
It allows a single editor, working with a suite of equipment in an office located anywhere, to compile a film using material shot and digitized elsewhere, and deliver it for broadcast.
The digitized map, especially when it's colored, contoured, and draped in 3-D grays, is the dazzling part of GIS.
The digitized scan data is also stored on a hard-drive disk file at the machine tool for later retrieval.
Added Eric Hoffman, CEO of Quantapoint, "Quantapoint's PRISM 3D(TM) software for accessing the facilities digitized using laser scanning won an R&D 100 award last year and we are honored that QuantaCAD for PDMS was selected this year.
000 pages of press releases of the period 1980-1984 have been digitized.
Once digitized, the data are analyzed to find user-defined, molded-in features such as DOT codes or mold pattern numbers.
The bathtub manufacturing industry is 100 percent digitized.
The digitized data of the feet is electronically transmitted to the orthoses manufacturer who then can numerically create the foot orthoses.
Similarly, Pennsylvania does not subject on-line sales of digitized products to sales and use tax, because of its determination that digital products do not possess tangible qualities.
He found that the actual production costs differ significantly, depending on the category of material being digitized and whether or not textual material will be processed to become keyword searchable in addition to image scanned.
They can chart street routes through practically every city in America, and the small step to combining GPS with digitized U.