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put into digital form, as for use in a computer

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She supervised the British Library's program to digitize material from unique and rare collections and worked in collaborative programs to provide new electronic finding aids for archives in the U.
Atterbury Consultants of Beaverton, Oregon (503/646-5393), is heavily GIS forest-oriented, sells know-how, digitizes maps, markets application hardware, offers ESRI-oriented training and software, even runs a catchy forest-products boutique.
At some schools, this has translated into efforts to digitize art and art history collections; at others, it has spawned an entirely new breed of data that allows for three-dimensional representations to become part of the knowledge base.
In order to evaluate this model, the author used it to reconsider the first DLP digitization project, an internally-funded project to digitize the Lilly Library's Frank M.
Because of speed and accuracy limitations, Mr Ziv recommends touch-probe systems for companies that need to digitize only a few times a year on small parts - primarily for roughing operations.
Digitize the physician's information gathering (picture the doc at the bedside tapping radio buttons on a wireless FDA and scrawling a few notes).
75) and that it may soon be cheaper to digitize collections than to store them, others agree with Bruce Bruemmer, coordinator for Digital Projects at the University of Minnesota, that scanning costs represent only 25 percent of total costs for digitizing projects.
The project to digitize the collection is expected to take more than 10 years and will begin with the official papers of President Kennedy.
Under terms of the agreement, libraries who digitize their print materials into PDF using Kirtas Technologies' software and hardware now have the option of seamlessly and effortlessly implementing it into ebrary's OnDemand(TM) platform.
Unlike traditional flatbed scanners, BookDrive enables businesses to digitize content with an automatic page-turning mechanism.
An industry standards-based framework of enterprise software, hardware and services, the HP DMP allows media companies to digitize, store, process, manage, distribute and archive complex media assets securely and efficiently.
The HP DMP is an open standards-based framework consisting of enterprise software, hardware and services that allows media companies to digitize, store, process, manage, distribute and archive complex media assets securely and efficiently.
Today we're pleased to announce our work with the Stanford libraries to digitize their collections so that every Google user can search them instantly," said Larry Page, Google co-founder and president of products.
Digivance digitizes radio frequency (RF) for transport over fiber and enables wireless carriers to add capacity and extend coverage in their networks.
The operator digitizes the bottom of the rib on the model.