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conversion of analog information into digital information


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Learning @ bw : education and training in times of digitization,
Pakistan Post in collaboration with other stakeholders is building a road map for digitization of its money order service.
It takes the trend toward digitization in the cultural sector to the next level.
For the purposes of the study, digitization is defined as capabilities which rely on data, analytics and communications technologies.
The greatest challenge (and reward) of digitization may be the accurate translation of a physical object into a flat document.
It also provides rich and diverse examples of use-cases and digitisation approaches and key recommendations for governments, businesses, and consumers, encouraging a systematic approach to digitization.
Digitization, as per Mohanty, is not limited to technology only and as much as 95% of digitization falls outside of IT domain and needs "proper people" to deal with it.
The increasing need to improve customer experience and business sustainability has fueled the growth of digitization IT spending market.
Digitization efforts have been ongoing for several years, as noted in this 2013International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) interview with Saad Eskander, Director of Iraq National Library and Archives.
As with most subjects we cover in Computers in Libraries, digitization projects require tech know-how.
There is no doubt that Digitization is emerging as a positive catalyst for rapid developments, in line with the new generation of platforms, devices and applications.
And while most digitization projects yield a favorable return on investment, agencies and institutions can benefit from established workflows and examination of costs before undertaking such efforts.
While digitization provided a $193 billion boost to world economic output and created six million jobs globally in 2011, the effects of the growing technologies are uneven across countries and sectors, a report said.
Booz & Company's analysis estimates that digitization provided a $193 billion boost to world economic output and created 6 million jobs globally in 2011.
Addressing more than 70 top broadcast industry leaders, the minister once again mooted the idea of "techno-commercial" regulator for the broadcast sector which is witnessing rapid changes in the wake of cable TV digitization.