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conversion of analog information into digital information


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Today, we are pleased to make our next series of strategic commitments, totaling over $1B, to support the next phase of the UK's digitization plans.
The digitization process will make the manuscripts easily available to the people online.
The report examines expected changes in product ranges and services offered as a result of digitization.
He said the broadcast landscape is changing in the country with digitization and this issue of fixing time slots for advertisements will be taken up at an appropriate time.
The study assesses and evaluates the existence of digitization and enabling ICT policies, and quantifies how accelerated digitization can dramatically enhance the region's socio-economic development through facilitated adoption of digital services and applications.
How information technology answers the questions of what, why, how and the gains of digitization project in Africa.
Digitization represents the digital capture of the artifact, and this raises a number of issues related to long-term file maintenance, authenticity, copyright, etc.
Digitization is expected to increase HD services and adoption in the years to come," says Khin Sandi Lynn, research analyst, core forecasting.
Discussion Panel - "Achieving End-to-End Digitization in Your Enterprise Supply Chains"
Joining Exset is an opportunity to be a part of the unfolding India digitization process.
Doubling the digitization level in emerging economies could produce $4.
The digitization of research outputs of an institution is a step in the right direction for the building of institutional repositories of such organization.
A wide variety of specific topics is also covered in this Library Trends issue, including the World Wide Web, CD-ROMs, electronic journals, electronic books, digitization of traditional resources, cooperative collection development, consortia, networks, budgeting, collection management education, and the pricing, archiving, and licensing of electronic resources--to name only some of the most important issues.
The report helps its readers to answer questions relating to the nuts and bolts of digitization projects such as when to outsource and when to handle production in-house, which type of equipment is most effective, and what quality level should be aimed for?