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put into digital form, as for use in a computer

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The bank, which has adopted the village, has also digitised the school records, the Gujarat syllabus and even teaching methods and tools.
This year, a selection of Greek and English publications covering the period 1963-1985 has been digitised.
The production music industry is set for a shake-up with the imminent launch of an online service, providing access to over 70,000 digitised tracks from the world's leading music libraries.
The technology allows startle online to store digitised tracks, together with a sophisticated classification system based on meta data, in one central repository.
Aimed at producers within broadcasting, production and allied industries such as advertising and new media, this advanced technology allows users to make complex searches, select, change to audition, and license music from a library of over 70,000 digitised production music tracks, all via the Web.