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conversion of analog information into digital information


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At Cisco we are committed to supporting the UK as it undergoes its own country digitisation process.
The real power of digitisation is being able to connect businesses, cities and people in ways that create better experiences for everyone.
The actual benefits of digitisation will be reaped only after the whole process is complete.
The digitisation drive would enable people from across the world to explore a rare bank of information through the internet.
Becoming a digital market maker requires three undertakings: proactively charting sectoral digitization plans, building enabling capabilities, and jump-starting and monitoring the wider digitisation ecosystem.
Large enterprises: Digitisation is transforming the business models of large enterprises in the Mena region.
He observed that the government is planning to complete digitisation of the Prasar Bharati terrestrial network by 2017 and suggested that that might be a more reasonable time frame for full cable digitisation as well.
EU information chief Viviane Reding said: "Important digitisation efforts have already started around the globe.
In a communique, it promised a " a stakeholder dialogue to find viable solutions for simple and cost-efficient rights clearance covering mass-scale digitisation and the online dissemination of library collections still protected by copyright.
Previously the three sections delivered the Library's digitisation program while working in different locations throughout the Library.
Spurred on by hospitals looking to improve their radiology suite workflow, digitisation of radiology departments is assuming greater priority.
Tenders are invited for nui galway via its james hardiman library makes available rich archival collections for research and learning and has completed a number of archive digitisation projects in recent years.
However, the UAE needs to continue on this positive trajectory and expedite digitisation efforts to climb the ranks and remain a competitive global ICT player", said Miguel Lobo, associate professor of decision sciences, director of the Abu Dhabi campus.
Muscat: SAMENA Telecommunications Council, the tri-regional non-profit telecommunications association for South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, has issued the findings of its region-wide ICT Policy Assessment and Digitisation Study.
AS THE digitisation deadline expired on Monday, lakhs of television sets without set- top boxes went blank across the country.