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resembling a finger


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The proboscidial papillae have numerous U-shaped ridges and the presetal lobes are triangular with those in the posterior of the body with a small digitate tip.
Leaves digitate, (3)5-foliolate, petioles 3-10 cm, petiolules 1-5 cm, glabrous or lepidote; leaflets 10-18 x 3-4 cm, concolorous, coriaceus, lanceolate or eliptic, apex cuneate or rounded, margins entire, base truncate or cuneate, occasionally cordate, venation penninerved, adaxial and abaxial surfaces lepidote.
Valva elongate, relatively narrow, shallowly convex at distal 1/4 of costal margin, with a short, digitate process protruding from costal side of apex; a robust, digitate saccular process rising from 1/4 of valva.
We present a case of a generalized non-follicular digitate keratosis that is classified as MMDH according to this algorithm.
laticollis in Poisson slides in the Drake Collection at the USNM; although the digitate medial extension is gently arcuate, it does not taper to a point but is broadly rounded apically.
Multiple minute digitate hyperkeratosis: a proposed algorithm for the digitate keratoses.
Transparenza e informazione al servizio delle societa nell'era digitate.
The microbialites in the upper part of the lower member of the Lancara Formation show three different mesostructures (scales of observation following Shapiro, 2000): i) cryptic or massive microbialite; ii) digitate thrombolite (sensu Aitken, 1967); and iii) archaeocyath-rich thrombolitic microbialite and spongiostromate-oncoid peloidal microbialite.
carolinae by the presence of a weak comb at apex of middle tibia, wing punctuation coarse and inferior volsella digitate with few curved setae dorsally.
Neue Mozart Ausgabe Online, part of the Digitate Mozart Edition.
Reproductive structures of this species produce digitate ten-lobed seed scales, which likely functioned as helicopter-like diaspora (Cornet and McDonald, personal communication).
Archivio digitate della cultura latina medievale (SISMEL), o que permite ao estudioso um trabalho eficaz e proficuo.