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resembling a finger


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Valva elongate, relatively narrow, shallowly convex at distal 1/4 of costal margin, with a short, digitate process protruding from costal side of apex; a robust, digitate saccular process rising from 1/4 of valva.
Hastaya klinik ve histopatolojik bulgularla multipl minute digitate hiperkeratoz tanisi kondu.
40m tall with digitate racemes, and is widespread in temperate mainland Australia (Lamp et al.
Spines digitate, rounded distally, the anterior pair (accessory spines) larger than posterior pair (postmaxillary spines).
Group 39 digitate disposable clamps to remove polyps and foreign bodies.
Cephalic lappets are present, the free margin ranging from finely digitate to microscopically fimbriate.
In Cyperus, Ca taxa tend to have the spikelets arranged in digitate clusters, which is one of the few morphological characters to distinguish the [C.
14), aedeagus with phallobase almost symmetrical, dorsal lobes apically digitate and bent forward, most of lateral margins strongly dentate.