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of a circuit or device that represents magnitudes in digits

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The Foundation has earmarked funds to digitally preserve Traditions (1935), Flickers (1941), and Letter to Mrs.
For digitally distributed coupons, all five CPG [consumer packaged goods] food areas have a greater share of activity than print FSI food areas in 2013," Hamric says.
8 billion worth of unprotected music digitally archived on people's PCs which is at risk of attack from Internet criminals with over a third (39 per cent) of UK respondents now only storing their music digitally.
For the 3D version, the left- and right-eye images are digitally remastered into IMAX DMR technology and recorded onto separate prints for 3D IMAX projections.
According to a study carried out by Sifo, one in five Swedish households plan to send their seasonal greetings digitally this year.
Completed on schedule, project results included a 60% improvement in accuracy; a drop in the claims backlog from 16,000 documents to 200; and a 24-hour turnaround time on capturing every claim digitally.
Home stereo unit digitally stores up to 7,000 songs
The plug-in to MS Word2000, called DocuSign, consists of two parts: 1) A DocuSign icon which resides on the Word2000 toolbar that allows users to tag paragraphs they wish to digitally sign; 2) An online Digital Signature Repository where documents are registered and securely stored on the DocuTouch Internet site.
digiRX[TM] software enables physicians to digitally prescribe medication through a wireless handheld device or the physician's existing computer infrastructure and then transmits the prescription directly to the patient's pharmacy of choice.
In addition, freelance performers on new digitally produced programs on the WB and UPN networks will now be paid at the same daily rates as their network counterparts, and all background performers on new digitally produced programs for the WB and UPN will be covered by a SAG or AFTRA contract.
In order to render the factories perfectly "contemporary," he cleaned up many of his images digitally, sharpening the grids of architectural design and mechanical placement.
Print Online is the company's new Web-based print management tool that enables customers to digitally send documents to FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Centers for printing.
Geo is the first and only chip to offer three independent geometry-processing channels capable of high-precision, pixel-by-pixel processing capable of digitally achieving lateral chromatic aberration correction, one of the big cost adders in optical system designs.
theaters with digital playback systems to accommodate the increasing number of independent movies that are now being shot digitally, the companies announced Thursday.
Single-Phase SC457 and Dual-Phase SC458 Controllers Support Fast Transient Response, Digitally Controlled Output and Long Battery Life