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Synonyms for digitalize

put into digital form, as for use in a computer

administer digitalis such that the patient benefits maximally without getting adverse effects

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FAST would partner with TietoEnator as part of its Digitalizing Framework, and would integrate its enterprise search platform, FAST ESP, with TietoEnator's current information management offerings.
Analog terrestrial broadcasting has already used up much of the frequency spectrum available and some of it needs to be "moved" elsewhere before broadcasters start digitalizing.
of Japan agreed Friday to jointly make a software digitalizing the images of the museum's architecture and treasures, company officials said.
This is part of our effort to start digitalizing our archives,'' Harries said.
Digitalizing the business represents a new wave that will drive business investment in IT, based on the evolving capabilities of mobility, analytics, social computing, communications and cloud technologies.
The collaboration builds upon Atlas Copcos strong position in the mining industry, Saabs technical platforms, and Combitechs working methods and experience gained from successfully digitalizing the Gripen E fighter aircraft.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority and Pakistan cable Operators Association have reached an agreement for digitalizing cable network in major cities of the country by September, 30 this year.
Liu, CEO of eGene, made the announcement noting: "eGene's HLA SSP digital genotyping technology will benefit HLA (human leukocyte antigen) genotyping analysis by not only replacing labor-intensive slab gel electrophoresis methods but also simplifying and digitalizing the tedious data process work.
He appreciated the offer of help from the Saudi government to the University library for procuring and digitalizing Arabic manuscripts available in Kashmir.