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put into digital form, as for use in a computer

administer digitalis such that the patient benefits maximally without getting adverse effects

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TietoEnator's best concepts, solutions, and working practices, along with the latest technological innovations of technology partners, such as FAST, are being brought together in the Repository portal of Digitalizing Framework.
The integration of FAST's platform with the Digitalizing Framework brings TietoEnator a critical step closer to fulfilling its vision of enabling operational efficiencies for customers by streamlining information management and communications solutions.
Digitalizing the business represents a new wave that will drive business investment in IT, based on the evolving capabilities of mobility, analytics, social computing, communications and cloud technologies.
McDonald will discuss specific examples of how "old line" companies are digitalizing their value and revenue streams.
Liu, CEO of eGene, made the announcement noting: "eGene's HLA SSP digital genotyping technology will benefit HLA (human leukocyte antigen) genotyping analysis by not only replacing labor-intensive slab gel electrophoresis methods but also simplifying and digitalizing the tedious data process work.
There are multiple advantages of digitalizing video sources, the most significant of which is to be able to perform video content analysis, such as that provided by ObjectVideo," said Xavier Oliva, Product Manager of Lanaccess Telecom.
ASTRA direct-to-home reception is the driving force behind the Federal Government's target of completely digitalizing the audiovisual market.
Because of the historical significance of this project, we have already attracted the interest of large corporate donors that wish to help sponsor the digitalizing process," said Lockwood Phillips, president of the National Newspaper Association Foundation.
Workshops at the conference will cover such topics as relationship management, digitalizing a consulting practice, how to write effective reports and proposals, reinventing a consulting practice and consulting ethics.
The integrated Unisys publishing solutions are an important step in our modernization strategy, which involves digitalizing our incoming and outgoing data flow and enabling our people through the implementation of innovative technology," said Miguel Angel Capriles L.
Telcel) for digitalizing their network with digital D-AMPS IS-136, the newest version of the most advanced digital wireless standard on the market, and expanding their existing AMPS network.