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  • verb

Synonyms for digitalize

put into digital form, as for use in a computer

administer digitalis such that the patient benefits maximally without getting adverse effects

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However, in order to integrate services effectively into the communication network, the services must be digitalized in close coordination with the physical components (Hoffmann 2014; Bauer et al.
Around 340,000 death records were digitalized across the country.
However, prohibitive costs for producing high-definition digitalized programs have discouraged local producers from investing in the production.
Tool Digitalized Shape Editor of Software Catia V5R18 was applied for completing of scanning data at this experiment.
Sony said e-books digitalized under Google's Book project and made available to Sony Reader users are classic titles whose copyrights have expired.
These films are showcased alongside a vast selection of PET films topcoated for printing by conventional or digitalized systems, including a range of tamper evident security face stock.
These titles now represent the largest independent catalogue of digitalized classical and jazz sheet music available to download and print.
The 5,000-image museum collection database is, for the first time, fully digitalized and searchable online and can finally be leveraged for its full potential.
More than 85% of Cuba's telephone lines have been digitalized, reports state phone monopoly Etecsa.
In the United States, where cable TV services have become increasingly digitalized, users can add the functions of digital TVs to their cable TVs by installing the software in receivers, Matsushita said.
According to the government plan, terrestrial digital broadcasting is due to start in three major cities -- Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya -- in December 2003, and every TV program in Japan will be digitalized by 2011.
McGreevey's total proposed budget includes an $88 million increase in fees, including $10 million for digitalized driver's license programs to upgrade security, Vincz said.
Both cameras perform direct 1:1 conversion of the digitalized image, providing low noise images.
Who's to stop a physical part of an actor being used as scanning fodder for a new, digitalized creation?
And as part of this and other defense planning efforts, contractors developed a host of technologies - video display terminals, electronic printers, remote data links, digitalized photography, innumerable computer design and programming techniques, etc.