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the administration of digitalis for the treatment of certain heart disorders

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Digitalization has been a top priority for banks for many years with investments primarily targeting the front-end.
Acting Chairman PEMRA also invited representatives of Cable TV Operators of Lahore and noted their problems regarding digitalization of existing cable TV networks and problems faced by them from various tax departments.
The MBRDNA headquarters in Sunnyvale is part of the global R&D network and focuses on digitalization within the car sector.
Global Forum draws influencers and decision makers across the world to address these questions and map the foundations for digitalization in the future.
Ignacio Sanz of BBVA said digitalization goes hand in hand with outsourcing, another key area that can help reduce costs in the always challenging Latin American business environment.
We are proficient in providing best-of-breed solutions while maintaining an optimal cost level that is ideal for boosting TV digitalization rate in fast growing regions such as India, South Eastern Asia, Russia, and Latin America.
Meanwhile, the penetration rate of cable-TV digitalization, mainly via the installation of set-top box, will reach 75%, up from the original goal of 50%.
In each of these steps digitalization can be introduced in order to follow creation of particular positive/negative geometry.
Through deployment of these systems, NEC intends to contribute significantly to the full digitalization of TV in Korea, and establish itself there as a leading vendor in this field.
The company attracted him because he could see the trend toward digitalization even back then.
Keywords: Rapid prototyping, old-timers, numerical copying, CAD/CAM, digitalization, CNC machine
Search inside the book' is part of a revolution made possible by the digitalization of, well, everything.
Held in the COEX exhibition hall from April 10 to 13, the fair generated excitement and spread the word about South Korea's continuing technological successes and vividly outlined its plans to meet economic challenges through innovative digitalization.
computerization, digitalization and the ever present Personal Digital Assistant or PDA.
The London Business School professor and thinker on New Economy strategies spoke to Managing Editor Ellen Heffes about how he thinks companies need to adopt new practices and adapt to increasing digitalization -- or die.