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a watch with a digital display

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Touch Time(TM) offers a revolutionary spin on the typical digital watch, which has been virtually unchanged the past 20 years.
The Pulsar P1 digital watch, the Apple II and the Polaroid SX-70 were all ground-breakers |
And in a nod to times gone by, the list is completed by the digital watch, VCR and record player.
They had learned about nearly every timepiece throughout history from the earliest sundials to the most futuristic digital watch.
That is enough power to run a modern day digital watch.
Known for its hip sunglasses range, their fashionable "Street Digital" is a combination of the digital watch with a hip retro twist.
Trilobites wiggling through the Cambrian ooze developed multifaceted eyes to track the big yellow ball in the sky, not to read a digital watch.
The leading digital watch producer said the cuts will comprise 2,500-2,600 jobs abroad and 400-500 jobs at home.
Nu*M8 is the world's first GPS locator device specifically designed to be worn by children with the technology cleverly concealed within a child's digital watch.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Haemoglobin meter, BP Apparatus, Weighing Machine(Adult), Baby Weighing Scale, Digital Thermometer, Digital Watch, Standiometer, Stethoscope, and MUAC Tape for city Health society.
1 WATCH THIS VIRTUALLY indestructible, these bold, simple and colourful designs are helping to bring back the digital watch in 2013.
uk This digital watch also doubles up as a decent fashion accessory and when you need the time or date, just press the button and you''ll be in for a visual treat.
30, the leading digital watch maker expects a net profit of 600 million yen, down from 3.
TIME FOR FUN: Barney the purple dinosaur is a big hit with children and they'll love this digital watch with flip-up lid.