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a watch with a digital display

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In the 1980s, everyone said the digital watch would be the end of the traditional watchmaker.
And you can be sure the guy in your life will be intrigued by a digital watch that says, ``It's time to do it.
We had someone with a digital watch measuring the time and he went more than 75 seconds over the four minutes.
Early works include a list of the 3,415 Friday the Thirteenths from the year 1 until 1991; a series of photographs of digital watch faces that display his favorite "minutes" (12:34, 3:21, etc.
The WRISTOMO, whose name is a fusion of wrist and mobile, fits the user's wrist when folded and looks like a regular digital watch.
The Atomic Digital Watch from LaCrosse Technology is radio-controlled, maintaining its incredible accuracy by automatically reading from the official standard frequency and time transmitter in North America.
The computerized device looks and performs like a standard digital watch.
Hickey refers to the Swiss watchmakers who refused to recognize the impact of the digital watch.
The Touch Time(TM) digital watch features a touch screen in a sleek, button-less case designed for both men and women.
I can't even alter a digital watch and my son tells me I'm a dinosaur.
euro]e decade heralded the arrival of the rst digital watch, the Atari 2600 game system, which played the classic games Pac-Man and Space Invaders, and the launch of the video recorder.
They include a pinball game, T-shirt, memo board, retractable earphones, digital watch, light-up yo-yo, fridge magnet and spoke charms all pictured below.
And in a nod to times gone by, the list is completed by the digital watch, VCR and record player.
They had learned about nearly every timepiece throughout history from the earliest sundials to the most futuristic digital watch.
That is enough power to run a modern day digital watch.