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an electronic device that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer

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Specialists want to replace the ageing machinery with a state-of-the-art digital scanner which will be able to link directly with a computer, rather than rely on film processing.
is the developer of the Longport Digital Scanner (LDS), a high-resolution, portable, digital ultrasound scanner that captures and reproduces images of soft tissue down to approximately 3 cm.
Young people will be able to pay for their school lunches by placing a thumb or finger on a digital scanner, giving secure access to their own account.
Collibio allows collaboration between users of proprietary digital scanner systems and their images.
Much of the work exploits Walker's signature experimentation with the flatbed digital scanner, which he wields as both camera and palette, loading its glass face with sliced fruit, halved coconuts, chicken bones, and steak knives.
The YC-400 ($1,999) can be used for instantly projecting images of whiteboard contents and three-dimensional objects, or as a digital scanner and stand-atone digital camera.
The digital scanner is streets ahead of those available in Northern Ireland which can only listen into communications on older-style analogue phones.
Tenders are invited for Master Roll For Digital Scanner Cum Printer Model-N Ks- 800 Make- Riso Kagaku Corpn.
Using the latest technoloc gy, y childrh enr and young people will be able to paya for their schoolc lunchesc by placing a thumb or finger on a digital scanner,r giving i securer access to their own w account to be used to paya for food, trips or uniform.
Symbol Digital Scanner Manufacturer Part # Ds9707-sr20007zzr
All the money the pair raise by cycleGENEVA will go towards a pounds 42,000, 3D digital scanner for the Welsh Centre for Maxillo-Facial Surgery at Morriston Hospital, Swansea.
Unlike holograms used on credit cards, the pixel pattern can not be counterfeited or replicated by utilizing a digital scanner or high-resolution photocopier.
The Walters' conservation and research team uses GE's CR50P digital scanner to capture images of the art, and then analyzes, archives and shares the images with colleagues across the field through GE's Rhythm software.
The Enterprise Mobility Company(TM), announced today that Russian Post has selected Symbol's DS6608 two-dimensional (2D) bar code digital scanner, as part of its Point of Sale terminal upgrade project.
today announced that their F2D Film to Digital Scanner is the most successful new product introduction in the company's 25-year history.
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