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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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LOT 8 - 32331500-7 mono audio digital recorder with built-in accessories, 6 pcs.
When purchasing a digital recorder, the security manager should look at four basic feature sets: picture quality, long-term archiving, search capabilities, and remote transmission.
Quantities are estimated at about 1000 digital recorders on the overall duration of the contract.
Turney, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Digital Recorders.
Turney added: "Equally important, this private placement strengthens our position by bringing the resources and technical expertise of Lite Vision Corporation, as well as the financial leverage of the Light On Group, into a closer strategic working relationship with Digital Recorders.
four-year employment contract as CEO of Digital Recorders, Inc.
DALLAS -- DRI Corporation (DRI) (NASDAQ: TBUS), a digital communications technology leader in the domestic and international surface transportation and transit security markets, announced today that its Digital Recorders, Inc.
Johnston, who has managed Digital Recorders through its early startup, its 1994 IPO, and the more than 50% annual growth rate.
Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, Digital Recorders is ranked as the 301st fastest growing technology company in the United States.
The video security systems are provided through an agreement between the Company's Digital Recorders, Inc.
Transit-Media GmbH, acquired by Digital Recorders in April 1996,
In particular, statements concerning the timing and capabilities of the new Digital Recorders product, as well as any potential benefit the product may have on the Company's ongoing operations or its customers' transit fleets; together with any statement, express or implied, concerning future events or expectations, is a forward-looking statement.
a Digital Recorders subsidiary, has been awarded an
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