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Compatibility with Windows 7 is another milestone in our continued commitment to enabling the liquidity of content between all digital media hubs.
BT Media and Broadcast today also unveiled plans to establish a truly global capability with the development of digital media hubs that will be operational within 12 months in continental Europe, the US and Asia.
LAS VEGAS -- Nero, leaders in digital media technology, showcases the latest technology to bring all of the digital media hubs together.
These were followed by Home Automation magazine's award as one of the Top 50 Products for 2003 in June, PC Magazine's Editors' Choice award in July for Digital Media Hubs and Receivers, and designations by CNET as Editors' Choice in August 2003 and a spot in its October 2003 Top 10 Must-Haves list.
Media Center PCs represent the evolution of home computers into digital media hubs, allowing consumers to easily integrate their digital entertainment experiences -- including live television, personal video recording (PVR), digital music, digital video, DVDs and pictures -- all with the freedom of remote-control access.
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