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Synonyms for file

Synonyms for file

a group of people or things arranged in a row

Synonyms for file

a set of related records (either written or electronic) kept together

a line of persons or things ranged one behind the other

office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order

a steel hand tool with small sharp teeth on some or all of its surfaces

record in a public office or in a court of law

smooth with a file

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proceed in line

file a formal charge against

place in a container for keeping records


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Transferring large digital files is becoming a daily challenge for IT departments and corporate users alike; driving up storage costs, clogging email networks, and creating IT support headaches as users struggle with email delays and unfriendly FTP and SFTP alternatives.
YouSendIt is the number-one secure digital file delivery company serving professionals, businesses and government agencies on the Web today.
These awards highlight the large market potential for YouSendIt, and validate our team's progress on solving a complex problem with an easy-to-use, convenient Web-based service for digital file delivery.
In fall 2003, Ispiri will launch MIRRA, a personal server for consumers and small office/home office (SOHO) professionals who need a simple and affordable way to protect, remotely access and share their digital files, photos, e-mail and other important digital content.
More than 100 digital files were placed in 37 locations so users walking through the square experienced the drama firsthand.
Our success to date is directly linked to our ability to understand business' need for a complete digital file management solution," said Kevin H.
com will continue to expand and enhance its digital file movement applications and storage utility services.
MassTransit Product Line: Enterprise software solution proven to transform digital file transfers into strategic business processes.
Imagelink digital workstations scan the microfilm and convert the image to a digital file.
ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch(TM) Deluxe -- scan large pieces of artwork like Scrapbook pages and automatically create one digital file to archive, email, and print the artwork
DMDS is a web-based delivery system that pioneers secure digital file distribution by incorporating biometrics, high-value encryption and watermarking.
In the General Awards Section, Mohammad Khorshid took first place and the FIAP gold medal in the Digital Files category for his photograph, "one eye on you," while Abdulaziz Kanaan, who was first in Monochrome Prints for "future look" took the FIAP bronze medal.
With capacity soaring to a mammoth 64GB, the SanDisk ultra backup USB flash drive is specially designed to protect users' photos, music, videos, personal and business documents, and other types of digital files - with the simple touch of a button.
Summary: A 2008 Consumer Electronics Association market research report, found the average online adult has nearly 1,800 files stored, and plans to store another 1,060 digital files during the next year
Others are responsible for matching the audio to the video, colouring the various elements of the episode, adding animation to the scenes, repackaging the digital files for submission to the broadcaster and editing.
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