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My digital detox has had a long-lasting effect and helped me to learn better habits.
A Digital Detox does exactly what the name implies," she said.
Reed Travel Exhibitions director, World Travel Market, Simon Press, said: "Last year's report was no exception with a number of the trends coming to fruition, including the BRICS' Grand Shopping Tour of Europe, Digital Detox at Hotels and Destination Nollywood.
In 2013, digital detox is increasingly on the travel to-do list.
Insight Former tech and social entrepreneur Felix launched the Digital Detox after he ended up in the hospital due to a stress-related condition.
In 2013, digital detox will also be on the list of many travellers.
When the digital detox kicked in, she caught up on her sleep.
You may have been too busy monitoring Kim Kardashian's every passing thought-like thing on Twitter to notice, but Digital Detox Week took place in April, and Video Game Addiction Awareness Week followed on its heels in June.
They even went so far as suggesting a digital detox would allow these text addicts to spend more time with their family on holiday.
The National Day of Unplugging is being celebrated in San Francisco and Los Angeles in partnership with The Digital Detox.
The research was carried out by disability charity Scope ahead of their Digital Detox weekend in July, which encouraged people to commit to going tech-free for 48 hours.
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