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According to Berry, the first published reference to the use of the digital computer in a foundry-related application was that of Fursund in Denmark (1962), who studied the diffusion of heat into foundry sands as it affected surface finish problems in steel castings.
The company makes equipment that uses digital computer input to make solid objects.
Critics complain that a digital computer lacks awareness or understanding, that it is just making unconscious computations.
1834 - Charles Babbage designs the first automatic digital computer, the Analytical Engine.
Seagate opened in Clonmel two years ago, filling a gap left by the closure of the Digital computer plant in the town in 1992.
Mayor Giuliani served as witness while Diamond, Rosen, and Rudin signed the 13,000 square-foot lease using a digital computer tablet and pen connected to a 30 [inches] multi-sync color monitor powered by a Pentium P75 processor.
1919), who devised the first practical electronic digital computer in 1946.
Turing admitted that he had no strong arguments to put forward in favor of the view that a digital computer would one day be able to pass his test, although he was inclined to believe that it would.
The City Council has unanimously approved a 14-month contract with Griffin Grant Writing and Consulting Services, a Mill Valley company that officials hope will raise funds for a mobile digital computer system for police cruisers.
Given sufficient time, such a simple device -- known as a Turing machine -- can perform any computation that a modern digital computer, no matter how powerful, can do.
The new building will be fully networked, with digital computer projection screens and student computer ports in each classroom.
For the last 30 years, AI researchers have designed digital computer programs in which information is processed through operations on strings of arbitrary symbols.
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