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a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor

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Traders will further sell these digital coins (coin packets) in lieu of real currency to end-user customers, after which, every customer will have an independent coin wallet account created for himself / herself.
The idea to distribute millions of the digital coins to all of Iceland's 333,000 citizens has been dreamt up by entrepreA[degrees]jneur Baldur Odinsson.
htm) multi-million dollar thefts of the digital coins - and its associations with the darker parts of the web.
Essentially, they are digital coins you can send and received via the internet into and out of your online bitcoin wallet.
The applications feature a variety of magic tricks, from controlling time and predicting the future to reading minds and turning digital coins into real money.
Hang w/ allows users to generate revenue by sharing revenue on pre- and post-roll integrated advertising; by enabling users to create mobile Pay-Per-View "Digital Ticket" events; and through user-to-user "Tipping" with digital coins which can be redeemed for money.
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