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com)-- Fliphound, pioneers of real-time online buying for outdoor digital billboards, announced that Fliphound's online buying and selling platform can now be accessed directly through Daktronics Visiconn[R] Display Management Solution to provide seamless and automatic configuration of Fliphound for Daktronics display owners.
Barco's digital billboard is environmentally friendly in several ways.
Day-parting and week-parting messages, something only broadcast was able to accomplish until the development of the digital billboard platform, is now a simple and transparent process.
The digital billboard campaign features four new messages aimed at showcasing the state's new mandatory drought regulations -- "The Gov put me on a diet" -- and motivating people to act -- "Manscape your landscape.
A request for a third digital billboard (off I-290 westbound at 525 Lincoln St.
The digital billboard system includes a 42-inch, flat-screen television, the company's proprietary advertising platform, a six-month promotional campaign and one-on-one creative support to help create and tailor a marketing channel that promotes the business of the winner.
As a result, the visual villains have hijacked the city from the Valley to the harbor, sticking up new digital billboards on local streets and draping buildings in so-called supergraphic ads.
WORCESTER - Clear Channel Outdoor is inching closer to breaking the ice on getting the first digital billboard in the city.
8220;Deals Magazine allows subscribers to find deals in the areas most relevant to their daily lives, and this new digital billboard is helping us attract the kind of subscribers this model works best for,” said Dante A.
A digital billboard displays its lighted message Thursday at Barham Boulevard and the 101 Freeway.
a local lawyer for Lamar Advertising, said that while a traffic study was done with the company's previous request for a digital billboard at the same site two years ago, it needs to be updated.
1) $500 - 4 square feet (includes 25% off digital billboard ads for life)
Assemblyman Mike Feuer, D-West Los Angeles, appeared personally to seek council support of his measure, AB109, which would ban any digital billboard until independent studies are completed on the potential danger to driver safety from the flashing signs.
Nationwide Commitment Includes Radio Air Time, Digital Billboard Placement and Employee Engagement
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