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With the digital TV transition and lower prices for flat-panel TVs, we are witnessing significant demand for onsite installation services in the satellite technology sector and OnForce, as always, is poised to help meet reception and high-definition programming needs.
s digital TV transition by February 2009 with other countries to follow, it becomes even more important for the LCD TV industry and supply chain to join forces to advance the industry as a whole and provide the best possible value proposition for consumers.
Especially in light of the nation's digital TV transition, we won't allow a foreign competitor to divert us from our mission to bring affordable high quality HDTVs to millions of Americans," stated Laynie Newsome, VIZIO Co-Founder and VP Sales & Marketing Communications.
LG Electronics believes that the temporary delay in the digital TV transition is the right thing to do for consumers, particularly for the many people on the waiting list for a converter box discount coupon.
A voice behind the camera fearfully ponders the digital TV transition until a young, knowledgeable gentleman enters the screen and walks though the easy steps to prepare for the transition on February 17, 2009.
With the February 2009 digital TV transition quickly approaching, many consumers are in the market to purchase a new digital TV to replace an old analog set.
This result is likely due to a couple of factors, one being that many consumers are likely gearing up for the digital TV transition in February, 2009.
As the industry leader in the LCD TV combination category, Toshiba is positioned to maximize the opportunity the February 2009 digital TV transition presents as consumers seek to upgrade their entertainment experience.
We are very excited about collaborating with NAB to help consumers fully understand the digital TV transition," said Mike Mohan, senior vice president of consumer electronics for Best Buy.
These sets are offered in 19-inch and 22-inch screen sizes (measured diagonally) in a new high-gloss black cosmetic design, and are a great choice for consumers looking to replace old analog sets to prepare for the upcoming digital TV transition.
These videos should demonstrate ways to get family and friends ready for the digital TV transition.
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