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of a circuit or device that represents magnitudes in digits

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Then, from an instructional stance, digital cameras have value and do have a positive impact on learning.
7) Therein lies a major perceived problem with digital images: the absence of a traceable origin to rely upon (i.
The first three articles feature large-scale digital preservation storage systems being built in three different environments: an academic library, a national library, and a media organization.
Despite all the strides we've made, in many regards, digital libraries are still in their infancy," says Steve Griffin, program director of the Digital Libraries Initiative at the National Science Foundation (NSF; www.
Your business objectives should drive your digital marketing strategy.
Both the PowerShot SD750 and the SD1000 Digital ELPH cameras build on Canon's original and iconic box and circle design - now so frequently replicated by others - while maintaining their own individual ELPH identity.
Preserving this digital material is one of the most challenging components.
The digital signage market represents another new emerging technology opportunity for Cisco.
WinTV-NOVA-TD-500--For the European and Asian markets, WinTV-NOVA-TD-500 is a dual tuner digital DVB-T TV tuner board that can be used in either a dual tuner or diversity configuration.
Compares digital TV development in Europe and the US.
Bringing enhanced networking and sound components to cinemas, the Dolby Show Library, a centralized multiplex digital cinema server, and the Dolby DMA8Plus, a digital media adapter for sound, simplify the installation and operation of digital multiplexes.
Reinforcing its global leadership in digital cinema, Thomson (Paris:18453) (NYSE:TMS), through its Technicolor Digital Cinema business, today announced it has installed digital projection systems in several Mann Theatres locations in the Los Angeles area as part of its North American beta test of digital cinema equipment.
today announced that it plans to open a complete digital cinema multiplex using Dolby([R]) Digital Cinema systems.
NASDAQ:CSCO), today announced the Cisco[R] Digital Media System, a new emerging technology that will enable organizations to use business-quality, dynamic video and audio to easily connect customers, employees, partners or students anywhere, anytime.