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Synonyms for diggings

an excavation for ore or precious stones or for archaeology


temporary living quarters

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Toto had been looking with great curiosity in the hole which the boy was digging, and growing more and more excited every minute, perhaps thinking that Button-Bright was after some wild animal.
I went into the scullery, removed the door, and spent some hours digging with my hatchet as silently as possible; but when I had made a hole about a couple of feet deep the loose earth collapsed noisily, and I did not dare continue.
If, on the other hand, they have the map, and see us digging at a spot not indicated on it, they will be puzzled, knowing we must have some idea of where the buried city lies.
Search for the precious map was given up for the time being, and the professor and his friends set the natives to work digging shafts in the ground, as though sinking them down to the level of the buried city.
Until some evidence should have been obtained by digging, as to the location beneath the surface of a buried city, there was nothing for the travelers to do but wait.
What, did you come digging here entirely because of me?
She turned, and desperately resumed her digging, tears dripping upon the fork-handle and upon the clods.
Tess could not get on with her digging after this; she felt restless; she wondered if he had gone back to her father's house; and taking the fork in her hand proceeded homewards.
We're digging the bit guns and swords into the moss, ye see; and these, I am thinking, will be your ain French clothes.
And there she stayed, and stooped, digging around the plants, trimming, picking dead, dry leaves.
These squires," returned Dona Rodriguez, "are always our enemies; and as they are the haunting spirits of the antechambers and watch us at every step, whenever they are not saying their prayers (and that's often enough) they spend their time in tattling about us, digging up our bones and burying our good name.
When it was dark, and he sat before the coffee-room fire, awaiting his dinner as he had awaited his breakfast, his mind was busily digging, digging, digging, in the live red coals.
Residents and local officials in this coastal town urged the National Museum and other national government agencies to put a stop to the treasure hunt digging inside the town center citing some residents' complaints that the diggings had threatened ground stability.
Contract notice for Execution of the security target in Inherent Diggings Key workings.
It said that in Ein Em Edorg, an area in Silwan, diggings reached a depth of more than 20 meters under the ground, and there are diggings in Al-Ain Mosque, the oldest mosque in Silwan, in the area of Ain Silwan, in addition to the digging of tunnels.