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Synonyms for diggings

an excavation for ore or precious stones or for archaeology


temporary living quarters

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In the early days of the following spring a party of miners on their way to new diggings passed along the Gulch, and straying through the deserted shanties found in one of them the body of Hiram Beeson, stretched upon a bunk, with a bullet hole through the heart.
Not entirely unremembered in Alaskan annals is the summer stampede of 1898 from Fort Yukon to the bench diggings of Tarwater Hill.
Well, of course, you can't order eternity wrapped up and delivered at your residence for a price, but I've seen Father Time get pretty bad stone bruises on his heels when he walked through the gold diggings.
I went to his diggings to destroy some papers, and what do you think I found.
My friend here wants to take diggings, and as you were complaining that you could get no one to go halves with you, I thought that I had better bring you together.
Let us have some fresh blood," he said, digging a long bodkin into his finger, and drawing off the resulting drop of blood in a chemical pipette.
It said that in Ein Em Edorg, an area in Silwan, diggings reached a depth of more than 20 meters under the ground, and there are diggings in Al-Ain Mosque, the oldest mosque in Silwan, in the area of Ain Silwan, in addition to the digging of tunnels.
The use of dredgers for the archeological diggings on Skopje's Kale is another element in the anti-Albanian politics, says nongovernment organization "Wake Up".
It said the diggings in Wadi al-Rababa, aim to establish more of the Talmudic gardens, change its historical and Archaeological character, and to build additional fake Jewish graves, in an attempt to give it a Talmudic historical character associated with the myth of the alleged temple.
Raymor will undertake a detailed soil geochemical, pit diggings and motorized auger drilling programme to define the limits and grade of the placer after the rainy season by early October 1996 -0-