digger wasp

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solitary wasp that digs nests in the soil and stocks them with paralyzed insects for the larvae

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Gregarious nesting of a digger wasp as a "selfish herd" response to a parasitic fly (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae; Diptera: Sacrophagidae).
Foraging capacity of the great golden digger wasp Sphex ichneumoneus.
The knowledge on digger wasp larval morphology has greatly increased since the comprehensive papers of Evans (references in Evans 1964).
Evaluating buprestid preference and sampling efficiency of the digger wasp, Cerceris fumipennis, using morphometric predictors.
Provisioning patterns and choice of prey in the digger wasp Cerceris arenaria (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae): the role of prey size.
Hunters in Omachi set out traps for digger wasps, which are then boiled, dried and added to rice cracker mix before being put into a hot iron.
Of particular interest was the finding that ants are a sister group to the Apoidea, a major group within Hymenoptera that includes bees and sphecid wasps (a family of wasps that includes digger wasps and mud daubers).
Digger wasps of the family Philanthus, also known as 'beewolves', harness beneficial bacteria to manufacture a cocktail of drugs that protect its larvae from infection.
Washington, March 1 (ANI): In a new research, scientists have found that digger wasps of the genus Philanthus, so-called beewolves, house beneficial bacteria on their cocoons that guarantee protection against harmful microorganisms.
While identifying digger wasps of the genus Plenoculus at the Brackenridge Field Laboratory Insect Collection at the University of Texas at Austin, a single female was noted that readily keyed to Plenoculus gillaspyi Krombein (Williams 1960).
Non-aggressive digger wasps will also come to your compost pile and act as exterminators.